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How we help alleviate stress

April 08, 2022

When a family find themselves in a hospital far from home, emotions are at an all time high.

They worry about their child’s condition, they worry about parking as close to the hospital as possible, they worry about how long this will go on for…

But families staying at a Ronald McDonald House can take comfort knowing that we help to ease just some of the stresses they face in hospital.

“It reminds these families that they are not alone. When something that horrible, unplanned and scary happens, you don’t realise that other people are going through it too. A smile, a chat, a moan and a new friendship can make a huge difference.” – mum, Helen.

“It meant we could have real food and we weren’t too exhausted to then deal with a toddler who was uncomfortable and in pain, we had the energy we needed to be able to comfort and care for her.” – parent, Ren

“As well as having such a positive impact on Teddy’s recovery at the hospital with both his parents close by, having a bedroom at Ronald McDonald House Manchester has also had helped myself and Amber tremendously with our personal mental health. Knowing that in an emergency we can be just a few minutes away, instead of an hour from home, really helped put our minds at ease.” – dad, Carl.

“I would not have been able to cope with our situation without the Ronald McDonald House. The memories we made there will stay with me forever, and the staff have become like our family. The House saved us, and I truly believe that if we hadn’t stayed in the House, it would have been a very different story.” – mum, Nicole

“We lived 63 miles away in Blackpool and none of us drove, so getting to the hospital to be with Amy could take us up to two hours by various trains and busses – not to mention costing around £55 per day! Paying for a hotel was out of the question financially, so as a family, we just couldn’t keep up. Then I started to hear other families on the ward speaking about a Ronald McDonald House just across the road, so I looked them up online, got referred by the hospital and received that all-important phone call – they had found a room for all of us to stay in.” – nana, Sue

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