Give This House a Home – Christmas Gallery

To Niamh, Wishing you all health and happiness for 2020 and for you to be home together next Christmas x Love Rydal and Harlyn x

Forever grateful for the help we received at our most difficult time x

Wishing you all well JLO

With thanks to all the staff looking after Elodie and her Mum and Dad Lots and lots of love Auntie Avril and Uncle Richard

Merry Christmas to all the staff of RMHC, you are an incredible bunch ? Get well wishes and prayers to all the children and thinking of all the families xx??

Wishing your beautiful princess well. Think of you all x


To a special family , you are in our thoughts. Today and always ❤️

Merry christmas and best wishes

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Merry Christmas from the Denson family.

Thinking of all the families with you at Christmas time. May the new year be a happy and healthier one x Thank you to the Bristol House and staff x

Thank you for helping our family live next to the hospital, in order to be close to our Granddaughter Zhoë. What an amazing Charity ?

Happy Christmas to you all going through tough times. We were there, and got through it with great help from this great charity.

To anyone staying in one of these amazing houses, please try and have as normal Christmas as you can. Try and celebrate and here’s a night on us. This amazing charity put us up for 117nights in Camberwell when our Oscar was born at Kings. He’s 6 now and thriving. Merry Christmas to you all, Love from Matt, Sarah, Oscar and Jasper

Merry Christmas! Still very grateful to rmhc!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are sending this greeting with a donation to Ronald MacDonald House. We will forever be grateful to the house in Southampton for looking after us in February 2019. With lots of love, Julie, Luke and Hector xxx

Dear Steve and Jess, After much consideration of what to get you this Christmas, and hoping it doesn't get lost in the post again this year, We could not think of a better gift than this. Because of what you both went through, Emily and I decided to make a donation in Ellie's Name, to the Ronald Mcdonald Charity. We hope that this will help give all other 'Ellie's' a chance and to provide the support that you both had. Thank you for both giving us HOPE, From a loving Uncle and Auntie, Stuart and Emily.

Merry Christmas Sofia! Lots of love from your Secret Santa xxx

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends xx

-x-Together for Christmas-x-

our miracle. poppy-blossom

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Me and my family have been in your situation before, it’s difficult but nothing lasts forever. Keep strong. Your beautiful children will get through whatever their obstacle is. ?❤️

Sending love and hugs to all the children and their families this festive season xxx

Thank you to RMHC at Alder Hey, it helped so much that we could stay near our poorly boy in 2005 xxxxx

In memory of our daughter Maisie this Christmas. Ronald MacDonald gave us a home during her heart surgery as a newborn so we could take her home with us for the most wonderful 5 months.

Thank you to the RMHC at Evelina for providing us with a room during our son’s open heart surgery when he was 7 weeks old. The room meant we could stay together as a family whilst still being close go him. The house made his hospital stay that much easier - thank you again.

For Zeke our miracle baby 7 years has gone so fast and we only got such a short time together. We want to thank RMH for allowing us to be so close to our son Merry Christmas darling Love Mummy and Daddy

Christmas is about love and togetherness. Sending light and hope to all of the families who aren't celebrating Christmas at home this year. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020 and beyond. With love from our family to yours xxx xxx

Love to Karen and Gavin at this very traumatic time xxxx

To the brightest Star in the sky this Christmas, Love you Senna x ?

For our little Senna Star ? Shine bright beautiful baby girl. We miss you. From Mummy, Daddy & ur big brother Brooks Thank you RMHC BIRMINGHAM for looking after us-Merry Christmas

In memory of our beautiful niece Ella Grace taken too early. Always in our hearts ❤️ Thank you RMHC for looking after my sister and brother in law x

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends. The Pennock family won't be sending Christmas cards this year as again have donated to the fantastic charity Ronald Mcdonald. We will always be grateful to them for looking after us 7 years ago and allowing us to be able to stay with our poorly keeli xx We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and enjoy spending time with your families xx

Our baby Boy James, spent 1 calendar month in Manchester children’s hospital over the summer, which began when he was just 13 days old. We will always be forever thankful for Ronald McDonald, as this enabled us to stay close by to our baby boy, whilst he was in intensive care. Xxx

We’re donating instead of sending Christmas cards this year. Merry Christmas x

May your Christmas be spent together as a family with love & happiness surrounding you all xxx The Tant Family x

In memory of Ella-Grace Baldock who will always be in our hearts ❤️ 05/01/2019 - 09/09/19 Sleep tight little one ?

Hope you have the best ever Christmas and biggest hope of all is that you can have a very healthy and happy new year god bless you and your family xx

Having friends who have used a Ronald McDonald House owing to their son requiring hospital treatment we feel that this donation may help others who have need to use theses facilities.

John and Julie Iddiols at Xmas

Garry and Chris Bunclark at Xmas

The Idd-Buns Family at Xmas

In memory of Lewis Prescot who died age 7yrs old. We spent lots of weekends at Manchester and Birmingham children's hospital. We stayed over at Ronald McDonald house and shared lots of memories and special times together.

Mum Happy Christmas 2019 love you lots Dion xx

For little Patrick, stay strong baby boy. Thank you for supporting Mark and Michelle at the Tooting house these last five weeks and in advance for the forthcoming weeks, your work is amazing. xxx


Lots of live

Without the house in Brighton my daughter would not have been able to spend precious time with our granddaughter who was born st 23wks 6 days, who is now out of hospital and doing very well. staff in house are amazing and very supportive. Great charity

Supporting Ronald Macdonald house as our grandson was in hospital 2018 and my daughter and husband had a room for the duration. A fantastic charity. Wishing your child a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas

In memory of our darling Oscar x Christmas will never be the same without you. Always in our hearts & minds x

My friend Jean’s little 3month old Grandson (George) is having to spend his first Christmas at GOSH with his mum by his side and want to say Merry Christmas and stay strong as I’m thinking of you all From Denise, Stuart Armet n family xx In lieu of Christmas cards this year x

Christmas love and being together wishes to all ?

Hey thinking of my gorgeous Oakley and other families that stay near specialist hospitals.

our brave Elena. Merry Christmas xxx

our brave Elena. Merry Christmas xxx

To whoever needs to hear this, keep strong And merry Christmas x

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy Christmas.

Thank you for letting me stay close to my 3 month premature baby girl,we stayed at Arrowpark RMH for 12 weeks and carnt thank you enough

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Wishing all my family a lovely Christmas and all at Ronald McDonald house good health and a happy Christmas xx

Over 18 years ago now...i nearly made it into your home...but sadly my Billy lost hes fight at 9 days old...

We are sending you all our love and support this Christmas. From Tech Infrastructure Team @ RBC

In memory of my beautiful Granddaughter Ella-Grace. Thank you for supporting her mummy and daddy at your Camberwell house. So they could be with her, when she needed them xx

Thank you for providing a home for my friend after the birth of her twins this summer. It’s an amazing service you provide to those going through so much. Kate, Dan, Joshua and Benjamin Lloyd-Wilce

Happy Christmas to you all xxx

Thank you for your support and for everything you did for our family during a really tough time. Merry Christmas Claire, Dave, Harrison & Oscar

Merry Christmas Sam. A donation to the place that helped you stay close to Genie when she needed you. Love, Chrissie and Andy Xxx

To say thanks for Andrew and Katie being able to stay with our amazing Emmy in Alder hey in 2015. She was so so small she needed her mummy and daddy close by and you enabled them to be there. Much love to the parents and children in your houses this festive season. A very grateful nanna Jenxx

Happy Christmas to all the Rmhc teams, especially Rachel and Team Tooting. Thank you for all you do, you are all Christmas stars. Love and best wishes to all the families xxx

My great niece is under the care of Alder Hey. They are amazing. I wish those patients and families and the staff a Merry Christmas and thank you for doing an amazing job x

Good idea to do this instead of christmas cards . Merry christmas everyone

Wishing a happy christmas Love from the Palmers xxx

Thank you for supporting my family when we really needed you. Forever in hearts! Bex, jay and jasmine

In aid of all the families needing support this Christmas time.

Happy Christmas! Wishing you lots of love. You are amazing!

To All Family and Friends, May you all be surrounded by Peace, Love and Happiness this Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful and Safe Christmas. All the best for the New Year. Love Carol and Mike. Xxx

Merry Christmas everyone xx

In memory of my beautiful granddaughter Phoebe Grace. With thanks for all you did to support her mum and dad xx

Best wishes to all the families that will be staying in the Ronald McDonald houses this is such a wonderful cause so family’s can be together like we were for my grandson last Christmas

it's better to give than recieve

Merry Christmas and festive wishes to all

Merry Christmas All the best xx

Merry Christmas to all ?? ???????

Happy Christmas to our family and friends x

Merry Christmas :)

With Love to everyone at Christmas

My eternal thank you to RMHC Manchester for looking after my daughter and her family for 7 weeks whilst their baby was in intensive care. Without you it would have been impossible to keep them together and safe . For as long as I live I will donate and campaign for you . So happy they came home this week ?

Merry Christmas to all families staying in Ronald McDonald House , my love and thoughts are with you all , stay strong .

Thank you for the amazing work that you do. You allowed us to stay at your London house close to the hospital for many weeks when our son who was only one was transferred to the ICU then waiting for major surgery at Gt Ormond Street. I was pregnant with our daughter at the time and it was in the build up to Christmas. We are indebted for this help and kindness. HAPPY CHRISTMAS RMHC?

Appreciate every moment with loved ones

Seasons Greetings from our family to yours. Sending you our very best wishes, the Faulkner family x

Have a truly wonderful and memorable Christmas Xxxx

I wish for you all to be well, be the happiest you can be, love and care each other the best you can. Seasons greetings - happy holidays. With love from my heart to yours.

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends xx

Merry Christmas Good health For a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! May all your dreams & Christmas wishes come true! Xxx

Thank you for looking after daughter Rhona who stayed in your home while her son Findlay was in Glasgow.

Merry Christmas x

My little grandson Shaemus is in Alder Hay and it looks like he may be there over Christmas. It’s wonderful that the family can be together at this very worrying time xxxx

In memory of Iris Newcombe

Sharing with family is one of the best parts of Chrismas.

Forever in our hearts

Thank you for giving my mummy and Daddy shelter while they cared for me when I was poorly. Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas filled with hope and love xxx

Wishing all my wonderful family a lovely happy Christmas time xx

Merey Christmas from our family to yours. Wishing you health and happiness. Love Danielle,Sean,Ruby & Reeva xxx

We have stayed in accommodation like this in Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff while our oldest daughter underwent open heart surgery on 3 occasion's. Without this support we wouldn't have been able to stay with her so remain forever grateful for these places. So this year we'd like to help others in a similar situation.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Forever Thankful for RMHC. Lots of Love The Dunne Family xxxxxx

Merry Christmas to Samantha, Bruno, Leah, Alba and Maxime (his first Christmas!) Lots of love Julie, Megan & Alex xxx

Dear Friend, Earlier this year we spent 5 long months at Ronald McDonald Liverpool with our baby boy. Every day was incredibly tough, but being so close to him made it bearable. You’re doing an amazing job, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and take it one day at a time. Thinking of you and sending lots of Christmas magic to you and your family. Love The MB Family x

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Without the RMH in Bristol we would not have coped when our son was rushed into the Bristol Children’s Hospital and we never forget the support, understanding & home we were given during the two months we stayed . It really is a godsend and a a lifeline at the worst time of your life , when life turns black xxx thank you so much , we will never forget it x x

With grateful thanks for all the care given to Gruffydd, Manon and their parents during their stay in Cardiff in July and August

An amazing charity supporting so many families in times of unbelievable stress. We know this personally from our own family's experience. Keep up the good work.

Hi Great-Grandad Reg, It’s Amelia-Mae Regis here. Mummy said you always loved Christmas and always made it magical!! She’s told me lots of stories about her Christmases growing up and how you would always hear the bell ring on Santa’s sleigh but mummy always missed it by the time she got outside! I hope I hear the bell too Grandad. She’s sad you’re not here. I’m sad I never got to meet you, but I know you’re here in spirit. So, I’m sending this bauble to heaven so you can still have Christmas there too and we can also help other families that aren’t as lucky and as fortunate as us this Christmas. We send all the little children lots of love and hugs and special wishes! Happy Christmas Great Grandad! X Amelia-Mae Regis x

Thank you x

Thank you for supporting us last year at when George was poorly and in Evelina.

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends x

Merry Christmas to everyone.This is a fantastic charity.We are so grateful for all your help we recieved when our daughter had open heart surgery at Yorkhil hospital in 2002- 2003. Love from the Pithie famoly

Without this wonderful charity baby Arthur wouldn’t have been able to have his daddy with him. We’re all so lucky that you won’t be in this situation for Christmas but many others will. Love you Granty, Sarah, Milo & Arthur xxxx

We know how tough it is to be in hospital over Christmas. Sending thoughts and wishes for a Happy Christmas to not just our family and friends as well but those staying in a House. May 2019 be a healthy and happy one.

In memory of Rohan our little mighty

Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas

To All children Martina Maxine and Harry, my grandchildren, Jenson, Izabel and baby Phoenix may you always be happy and well Mum/ granny loves you more than you know love you all millions and millions xxxooxx

In lieu of cards; Merry Christmas from the Rudds

Happy Christmas to past and present families. From Rachel and Team Tooting

Merry Christmas Jazz! Love Suzy x

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Love Bhav