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Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a Christmas full of love and special memories x
Wishing you all a Christmas full of love and special memories x
Susan Llewellyn
I’ll never forget your support when we needed it. Thank you very much.
Daz G
Good luck to all involved, ste, you’re one in a million, pal.
Keep up the tremendous work Steve and all involved with RMHC xxxxx
Jason Rooney
Keep up the good work guys and Merry Christmas
The Harveys
Thank you for the wonderful work you do to enable families like ours to stay close to their children whilst in hospital.
Becky Beasley
What an incredible charity! You should all be very proud of the work you do. Xx
From one parent to another. With love
Laura Walters
Thank you for making such a tough time, easier, x
Granny & Grandpa Broadbent
Wishing you every success. Keep up your marvellous work.
Have a lovely Xmas
Emma metcalf
Keep up the good work, you do an awesome job x
Talia Warnock-Meehan
Merry Christmas to all at the house. Xx Wishing you a happy and healthy New year. Xx lots of love from Belfast
Have a lovely Christmas everybody xx will be thinking of you all xx
Emma Wills
You are all amazing. Xxx
Many thanks for your support for all the families
Michael Langfeld
Having spent last Christmas at Southampton Ronald McDonald, I know how important it is to have a comfortable place to stay close to your child in hospital. Sadly our daughter passed away recently. However, she would want us to continue to support where we can. Such a wonderful organisation that allowed me to be closer to my perfect little girl during the tough hospital stays. Thank you xxx
Wayne Ingram & Stacy Langford
Last year, we stayed in Ronald Mcdonald House Evalina for 9 months (the first 9 months of our daughter’s life). During that time, it became apparent to us that we would be spending her first Christmas in a hospital with her – a heartbreaking prospect for us. The Ronald McDonald House and their team, turned what would have been a difficult day for us in to one that was so wonderful. The staff went above and beyond to make sure that all of the families had the best day they could under the circumstances and we were blown away by the generosity and kindness of everyone. We hope with our small donation, we can make at least on family’s difficult Christmas Day just that little bit easier and hopefully keep some of that Christmas magic alive for them. Merry Christmas to all at the Ronald McDonald House.
Madigan Family
Merry Xmas Everyone!! Our thoughts and love are with all the patients and families spending their Xmas on a ward. We are forever grateful to the RMHC staff at Alder Hey for their support when we stayed.
Dali Dong
I wish all the best for this wonderful charity and the nice works they are doing and hopefully, our supports could make this pandemic winter a little bit easier.
Best of luck Ste, hope you raise loads. As you can see, I’ve had to pay you in pennies…
Keep up the good work. It’s wonderful what you do.
Michael Young
Wishing everyone at Ronald McDonald a merry Christmas.
The Laws Family
Merry Christmas and thank you all – stay safe.
Jane King
In memory of my beautiful grandson THOMAS JACK ARTHUR KING Despite all the efforts of Doctors he died at 6 weeks old. Now a beautiful Angel.
Gary Wallace
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the Wallace’s in Cork. I stayed in Camberwell London last January while our son Daniel was in Kings College Hospital for investigations. Thankfully our stay was brief and Daniel is flying it (just turned 1 today) but I will be eternally grateful for the support of Rmhc Camberwell at that very scary time of our lives. Wishing everyone the best ,Gary Wallace
Chris Weir
I cannot thank you enough for all the support given to my sister, her partner and their youngest son, whilst their oldest son Tobi was in Birmingham Childrens PICU. All I can say is that your support to them and others in similar situations in times of crisis is utterly incredible. Thank you for all you do.
Thankyou to Birmingham House 🙂 You made it so our family could all be together last year for my boys first Christmas. We are forever grateful X
Jennifer Richardson
You are an amazing support when families need it the most, thank you
Pamela Reynolds
My granddaughter was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour, at first my daughter would not take a room she wanted all the other moms and dads with smaller children to have a room but in the end after Ella who was only 14 was in the hospital for 10 weeks my daughter was at the end of her tether and had to have a room which was a massive help to her from sleeping on the ward as she would not leave Ella but could not sleep. So yes the rooms are so important to all the moms and dads.
Karen Taylor
The help my son and daughter in law got from Ronald Mcdonald house and its lovely staff was amazing … thankyou from the bottom of our hearts 💙💙
Jane Shaw
In memory of our son, little Ray Shaw.
Miele Professional
We are delighted to donate on behalf of Miele, as our continued and ongoing support towards the charity.
Ruth Dickman
Sorry I wont be with you at the Black Tie and Slippers night. Really hope it goes well. Ruth x
Keep up the good work,
Fran Butterworth
Keep up the good work.
Hannah And Kim
For Rich, Sarah and Finley
Mrs Ann Wakeling
Best wishes to all parents, and patients who benefit from the care that their children receive at the Donald NcDonald House
Amanda West
UL VS Ltd are very happy to assist with your appeal. You are a wonderful support to all the families that need your help. We would like to send our best wishes to all the families that find themselves in an unfortunate situation at Christmas.
Charlotte Herriott
Charlotte (7yrs) has been learning about charities in school, and she chose to research Ronald McDonald House and wanted to sacrifice one of her Christmas gifts to donate to help others this year.
Gillian Dove
In memory of Patricia Wood, whose grandson Alfie is supported by Ronald MacDonald House Charity – UK
Judith Wheeler
Donation made to say a big thank you for having DRMH in Amsterdam when it was needed by my niece and her partner in June 2020 – instead of birthday presents she asked us all to make a donation to DRMC – so thank you for being there x
Rebekah & Ant Williams
We know what it means to be able to be near your child when they are at their most vulnerable. We hope there will always be room for anyone that needs it.
Catherine Llewellyn Roberts
Forever thankful for the help RMHC gave me when my daughter was ill. My very best wishes at Christmas time to all the children and families using the facility this year x
Ashley Martin
Good ;luck with the fantastic support you are giving to families.
My son had a heart operation in Liverpool and it made such a massive difference that I could stay close by. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! Xx
Paul McDermott
Keep up the great work
Brilliant work that I love supporting
Nicola Rayworth
Hope a little helps 😊
Neville Chapman
Thanks for helping Benjamin, Anne, Evan and Henry cope.
Gilly Flower and family
With our love x x x
Sonny murray
I’m now 2 years old almost . My family stayed at Ronald Macdonald when I had my heart operations. You guys are the best
Sheridan Rogers
I would have never known of the fabulous work the Ronald McDonald House Charity does if it was not for Jemma & Gaz sharing the heartbreaking journey their little Freddie has been on. Keep up the amazing work, looking after families who truly need support at the most difficult times. ✨
John & Bridget Owen
In appreciation for the vital accommodation made available for the parents of our grandson Elliott Owen.
Tracey Clarke
Keep strong, never ever give up hope, miracles do happen xx
The Cole Family
Merry Christmas to all. Best wishes to you all. xxx
Richard Pryce
Thanks for continuing to do such wonderful work
Steve Allen
Many congratulations to everyone involved in No Place Like Home. Well done! Great cause.
Quinn Whitfield
Thank you for letting my family stay so close when I was poorly. xxx
Nigel Davis-Odema Ltd
I hope our donation helps towards your quick recovery
Chris Lovell
In remembrance of a special grandson Max Lovell
Sharon Hayes
My daughter and son in law stayed in one of these rooms while my grandson Had to spend a long time in hospital, it enabled them to always be by his side, I know how important these rooms are to families ❤️
Irene McCormick
I have twin grandsons born 5th May 2016. One was born with congenial heart disease. At age of 4 weeks he was airlifted from the Royal hospital in Belfast to St Thomas’s in London. He had stent inserted and open heart surgery at 6mths old. He needs a valve replaced and will need to return to St Thomas’s..for this as no children’s surgery takes place in Belfast. To know Ronald Mcdonald House will be there when we need it takes a huge worry off our shoulders. Having a sick child and being so far away from home and so stressful. Thank you for all your help and support.
Ian Powell Of Powell Systems
I wish all the Families the best at this special time of year and hope that all is well. I also thank all the staff and volunteers for the grate work that they do in supporting the wonderful charity on what has been a very difficult year
Mr and Mrs Jesson
Best wishes to all children, their families and all Ronald McDonald House supporters. x
The Koulloupas Family
Thanks for everything you do x
Pamela Smith
Keep up your fantastic work, that has so helped my grand daughters young family in a difficult time. Thank you.
Frank Corcoran
We are forever indebted to Ronald Mcdonald house at Alder Hey for the time my Grandson was there where they housed my daughter and her husband.
When your child is seriously ill, and your world is falling apart, Ronald McDonald House is there for you. It cannot be put into words how enormously supportive it is to have a home provided at the hospital, close enough to walk to the ward at any time of day or night. It is the most brilliant charity which, ideally, one would never ever need ….
Antonia Clarkson
Can’t thank RMCH for what they did for my brother who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2018. They provided a bedroom for my mum so she could be with him 24/7. 2yrs on and he’s had a stem cell transplant and is fully in remission. Thank you for the amazing work you do, we’ll be eternally grateful xox
Caroline Shield
Thank you for looking after the Fox family at Arrowepark in Summer 2017 – your support meant so much our family
The Hacking Family
We can’t ever thank you enough for having us when both of our children were in hospital. Thank you for everything you do x
Sandra George
Your doing a great job
Always keep smiling 😃
Adnan Rahme
Happy Christmas from Rahme Family. My family has stayed in the house while I had my heart surgeries. Thank you for leaving my family close to me. Adnan
THANK YOU for supporting our family during such a traumatic time.
Francesca Mosca
Wishing all the children and families at Ronald McDonald House a peaceful Christmas
Kathleen & Chris
Thank you for helping us out at our time of need when our little boy Jack was in intensive care. Ronald McDonald you were amazing. X
Jamie Cartwright
Our time at the hospital with our daughter was made alot comfortable with the Ronald McDonald House and unbelievable friendly welcoming staff.. always in our thoughts xxx
Claire & Steve B
A charity close to our hearts x
We know first hand how valuable this stay can be xx
I hope everyone’s wish come true.
Wish everyone a happy Christmas. May God bless you all with all the happiness.
Gay Thraves
My grandson spent the first 4 months of his life in Southampton Hospital and my daughter and her partner where able to stay in the RMD house it is there first baby and the help and support the staff gave them was priceless. Thank you
Tabbi Harrison
My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour 5yrs ago…with the help Of the Ronald McDonald house in Oxford it meant that I could be literally by her side 24/7. I will never forget the peace of mind it gave me and my daughter. Thank you so so much. ❤️❤️❤️
Janet Wright
Merry Christmas to all families, staff and volunteers at Ronald McDonald Houses. With my love, hugs and best wishes to you all. Xxx
Roberta Coward
The Ronald McDonald House is so important to families who need accommodation while their child is in hospital. It gives them some rest bite and piece of mind knowing they are not far away if needed. Thank you to everyone that helps to run the Ronald McDonald house. It means so much to families that need to use it.
Ronald McDonald supported us when our baby was in hospital for 6 weeks, and now we will support you.
Lorraine jenny & Chloe
Hope this helps a little in your time of need
Marion Yau and Win Siu
We had the greatest support when my premature twins were born. Thank you for everything
Mrs S Foley
I would like to thank RMCH for all their support for my daughter and son-in-law when baby Jack was born 15 weeks early in May 2017. As a family we will always be truly grateful.
With thanks for your support to Samantha and her family when most needed.
The webbs
We will always be eternally grateful for the generosity shown to us whilst our son teddy was in hospital in Southampton. Just being able to stay with him and be able to support each other was invaluable. Mcdonald charity do really amazing things and like I said previously we will always be eternally grateful
We stayed at Camberwell in 2013 when our new born son Lucas was fighting for his life in Kings, he will be 8 in January, we thought he wouldn’t reach a month old, but we prayed hard and here he is, so please stay strong. The staff were so supportive and friendly and we cant thank them enough fir all of their help during our traumatic time, they are a team if Angels x
Beryl Ashman
For saving the life of my grandson, Jack Simpson. The staff worked absolutely fabulous to help save him. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
With love to all the very brave families staying in the Oxford House this Christmas from Play2Give x
The Borhara Family
Merry Christmas to you all!
Jayne Willetts
Delighted to help this wonderful charity with a donation
Lee Williams
Merry Christmas all!
Bernie Hamilton
It’s our pleasure to support this cause, which makes such a difference to families in difficult times. When our daughter was in ICU back in 2018, we were taken in by Ronald McDonald house. We will never forget how it freed us up to spend more time with our daughter in her time of need, and for us as parents to be able to better support each other in what was a frightening situation. We were grateful for everything the charity gave us, from the welcome of friendly staff, to the food being provided, through to the comfortable rooms. We didn’t properly understand what a difference it made until we found ourselves in the situation that every parent hopes they won’t. To all those facing such a situation today, know that there are others you’ll never meet who are thinking of you, and wishing you the best. Bernie and Magda Hamilton
Sheila Moore Music Makers and Shakers LTD
A huge thank you to all of our families for joining our Halloween at home party in aid of McDonald House. McDonald house have supported a few of our families and we wanted to support the charity in these times.
Kim Collins
Thank you for the support you gave my daughter and her husband when their son was born very ill and needing operation. Our Wonderful Sebastian Bowie Stott
Lizbeth and Martyn
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do in supporting families during very stressful times
Annette Francis
The House and staff have been heaven sent for my daughter and son-in-law. The support they have given her over the last 10 weeks has been truly amazing and we are all very very grateful you were there for them. Thank you all.
Sending love and hugs this Christmas
Corey C
You helped us to get through a very difficult time in our lives by keeping us together as a family in Oxford. You gave us a space to feel like things were normal altogether without wires, beds, nurses and doctors all around us. You eased our stress and worry of travelling and being miles apart during Christmas and New year. My son was overwhelmed with the kindness and gifts from people he’d never met, and we’ll never forget the smiles it brought him at such a rubbish time. You were our home away from Home on more than one occasion and we are forever thankful, spread the christmas cheer this year too ❤️
Thankyou all so much for everything you do, sometimes it the little things that can mean the most ❤
Jenny Wright
Hoping every day brings hope and a little joy x
Nola Evans
Sending all our love to all of those staying at Ronald McDonald House this Christmas x
Stephen Davies
Thank you for the difference that you make to families like my own, who have had a child in hospital. Thank you for helping to keep families together. Wishing your staff, volunteers and The many families staying with you a happy Christmas.
Sam Maher
Wishing everyone a safe and secure Christmas xxxx
Dave Clark
Very pleased to support such a great cause.
The Williams Family
We will never forget the help we received from RMHC Bristol whilst our four month old daughter underwent open heart surgery.
Gareth and Marjorie Luke
With thanks for your care for the family of Edith Luke at the Oxford Home.
St James Exchange Hub
During these uncertain times we at St James Exchange Hub are happy to help where we can and hope our donation will help you achieve your goals as well as put big smiles on faces. Good Luck
Best wishes and good luck with raising above and beyond your Christmas goal!
Wishing the families and teams at the RMHC houses the very best this winter. Thoughts and prayers with you all x.