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Happy Christmas

Bill And Kath Davies
For William and your wonderful support many many years ago
Thank you, your help has allowed my son and daughter-in-law to be beside their newborn Oscar who has been in icu since birth
Alice boon
Huge thanks fir the video Nathan, we are so deeply grateful and touched. So kind and thoughtful. Hope we can keep on doing a little bit to help
The NAV | 365 People
On behalf of Craig and Dan at William Turner who chose Ronald Mcdonald House to receive their thank you donation for doing some work with us!
Barclays team Glasgow
Thank you for all your hard work!
William & Patricia Brown
We celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary on 15th January Our Great Grand-Daughter needed treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow. During this stressful time Ronald MC Donald House helped our family very much so instead of presents for our anniversary we got our family to donate money to say thank you for what you did for us
In memory of Dad
Keep doing good things.
Thank you for everything you did for Clem, James and Ottie. Happy Birthday Ottie. We all miss you. X
James. C
Remembering your wonderful help in 2002 when our son was unwell
Nicki and Martin
We stayed in your Brighton House when our daughter was in hospital miles from home. We’d have been lost without our room there to stay in! Thank you for everything, you’re all amazing! X
Having a family member need the support of housing whilst their daughter was in hospital for months has showed how important this charity is. Being able to stay in accommodation on the hospital grounds allowing them to spend all day with their daughter in free accommodation taken that extra stress/worry out of the situation. Cannot thank them enough for the support provided.
Arunah Pirabakaran
I lived in one month in Mac’s me lot to take care of my family needs in the hospital and I appreciate your service Thank you
John & Lynda
In memory of Zoe requested by her loving parents
Children are so precious. Give them your love!
S E Bradburn
No message
Becky Coku
Keep doing the great work you do and stay safe. Thanks for all you did when I was a long way from my home and dealing with my prem baby Lillyia in tmbu and also got a DVT in June 2009. Hope you get lots of donations xx
💙💙💙Jude Harris💙💙💙
Need’em Treats
You are amazing at what you do. You helped us when we most needed ❤️
Linda Bowles
My Grandson Adam Pearce born 2012, 10 weeks early. Ronald McDonald house Brighton was an absolute lifesaver. Amazing charity!
Claire Newman
My donation is in memory of my Mum Doreen Newman. She would have loved to see parents able to stay with their children when they need it most.
The Adamson Family
Hope this helps towards making your hospital stay that bit more bearable. with much love from The Adamson Family
💙💙💙Jude Harris💙💙💙
Best Wishes
M Cleaver
Thank you for everything you do!
Jill Brierley
Ronald McDonald House helped my friend in January 2019 when my Godson was born prematurely at St Mary’s Manchester … thank you 🙂
Very good idea to keep families together during a stressful and worrying time. Stay safe.
Saving thread
Donation from funds raised from selling donated clothes online. New venture set up in nov 2020 selling unwanted clothes online and donating sales to charity 😊
Morag Hamilton
A donation in the memory of Eli Cowie
Abi & Monty
Thank you for all you do to keep families close in difficult circumstances.
Oliver Khan
Simply the best. Happy New Year to all you wonderful people.
Hayley, Cesca & Catharine
For our amazing friends Tasha, Liam and Poppy xx
The Scrivens Family
In appreciation to Brendan Handrick and family for his superhuman running and inspirational skills. Thank you Bren 👍
Andrea Blunsum
Thank you RMH Southampton for looking after us when our daughter was so ill! I hope this donation will help keep your doors open to support other families!
Aunty Lainey
For Iris and her family x
Gunnion Family
Our Christmas donation is a thank you for providing a much needed place for some of our family to stay when a precious, little member of family was very poorly in Manchester Children’s Hospital. The Ronald McDonald House allowed her Parents and new born twin brothers to stay close by until she was better. We hope this small donation helps RMHC to continue to support other families.
Niki Tsiaparis
Keep up the good work especially at these unprecedented times!
Bearded Villains Central England
On behalf of Bearded Villains Central England we would like to say thankyou for all the outstanding work you do.
The Sempre Group
Jude Harris💙 for one so small you have left a huge hole in many a heart. 💙
Jane Allott
2020 restrictions meant I visited McDonalds on fewer occasions and was not able to drop change into the charity tins. Please accept my donation as a Happy New Year wish to all.
Gwawr Ellis
We stayed for a week in December 2019 when my little boy Osian was born 8 weeks early. Xxx
Prasanna Goupal
I’m a father and I understand the importance of staying close to your kid during a medical emergency. Thanks “ronald mcdonald house charities” for such a great initative.
May His favour be upon you, and a thousand generations And your family, and your children, And their children, and their children May His Presence go before you, and behind you, and beside you All around you, and within you, He is with you. He is with you.
Richard and Aimee Awbery
Thank you to Ronald McDonald House Moorfields for all your support. We are happy to be able to give this little back, to provide that comfort to another family in need.
Gillian Turner
All Children need their Parents near to them. Mc Donald House is a Wonderful Place with lots of books & toys for other Children that have to be with their Parents when visiting sick one’s. God Bless Mc Donald House Manchester Children’s Hospital.
Thank you for taking good care of my Foster mummy so she could see me every day when I was so poorly xx
Mr D Dempsey
Glad to help
Wishing you all a swift return home
Natasha Rosin
Thank you for the invaluable support during a very scary time. Sending strength and best wishes to all families going through the same, especially at this time of year. X
Margarita Spanoglou
We are forever grateful for all the help and support we received from you when our precious daughter, Maria, was struggling for her life in the intensive care unit of King’s College Hospital back in 2010. We will never forget the way you stood by us in one of,if not, the most critical period of our lives. RMHC thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please continue your unique contribution to our world!
Sally Heath
Lauren Dale
A charity so close to my heart – may the light shine over you all – Merry Christmas <3
Andrew knights
Good luck to every single family who are supporting children through there toughest days god bless you all X
Keep up the great work!
Catia Ferreira Rodrigues
A donation for the families and children for A Home Away From Home .Keep up the good work and service you provide .Merry Xmas and a HAPPY New Year .STAY SAFE WE NEED YOU…. Big Hug Catia from Gibraltar xxx
Gabriella Cocco
Thank you Ronald McDonald House for everything you have done for us.
Robina Maskell
I hope this donation will be helpful to you. Merry christmas and a happier new year.
Danielle / Dion & Mia mifsud
Thank you Ronald McDonald’s house evelina for everything you have done for our family over the last 4 years ❤️
Thank you so much for your kindness. You helped not only my partner but also me when our daughter was in Evelina. Our struggle would have been that much harder without your help. Thank you.
My son was saved by the nurses and doctors at the Brighton hospital and we helped by this great charity in the same way they help so many others. I wish everyone’s dreams come just like ours did. Our son is now 6 and I’m thankful every day for everything everyone did for down there. Merry Christmas,I just wish I could give more.
Been thinking about all the poorly children over xmas. Get well soon.
Peter Watkins
In such difficult times you are doing an amazing job. Keep soldiering on!
Rebecca Abel
Your charity meant everything to me, my partner and our newborn baby when she was admitted into hospital last year. Thank you for all you did for us and the comfort you provided us during such a hard time! Xx
Thank you from our family. Amazing charity. The house allowed us to stay near the hospital at a difficult time. Best wishes. Thank you
Ann Richards
Thank you, your support whilst our granddaughter Elsa was in Evelina and during covid when the parents didn’t know what they were going to do for food and needed to stay close was amazing and we will continue to use and support in any way we can. With your support it helps families stay close and helps with the stress.
Karen Mecklenburgh
Thank you so much for all you do.
Paul W Lang
Thinking of you all this Christmas
Hope you find the Ronald Mc Donalds charities as helpful as we did. Best of luck to all the family
Julian Birch
Thank you for accommodating us in Birmingham whilst our daughter Daisy was in the Children’s Hospital over a Christmas for a liver transplant. Suzy & Julian.
The Pugh Family
Keep up the great work that you do, supporting families in need. You looked after us in 2015 and we have been forever grateful
Mary Ioannou
You are all so special, so perfect and so loved X
Jenna Williams
I hope this donation helps someone to stay near their child during difficult times, just as someone else’s donation helped me to stay near to mine.
I stayed at Ronald McDonald house when my daughter was in Evelina hospital. Everyone was so kind and supportive and it made so much difference to be so close. Thinking of the families there now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Raymond & Lily
God Bless.
Kay Read
A special thank you to the charity for supporting our son and his wife, when his little girl was in picu three years ago with bronchiolitis.
Jackie Rogers
You are an amazing charity with amazing people hope you all had a wonderful Christmas x
Thank you so much for the support you give to families. This donation is in the name of Carys Vaughan and her family.
Lucie (aged 10)
Merry Christmas!
Paula Essex
It was more than twenty five years ago now but the support given at a time of greatest need has never been forgotten. Thank You
Paul,Andrea,Evie & Elsie
Amazing charity! We’ll never forget your help and kindness! Thanks for everything you do!
Have an amasing xmas 💙💙
For Nora, Louise, Martin and Juno love always the McCoys x
Carol & John Wood
Thank you for being there when our family needed you x
Lesley Stananought
Thank you for helping Elodie Agnes Hughes’ mummy and daddy. They have been so touched and grateful for your care and support as are well all.
Clare Birks
We stayed with you in July 2019 after our son developed a heart condition shortly after he was born and while we were away from home visiting family. It was vital support we needed, keep doing the amazing job that you’re doing to support families in such difficult times.
Thank you for all you do for people who need you
Freddie Isherwood
Thank you for looking after my mum and dad while the drs and nurses made me better. I will always be grateful.
Auntie carole
Happy Xmas in heaven Cammie. X
The Blasdell’s
Merry Christmas & thank you for doing a fantastic job for all the families.
Kathryn Pantrey
Gift donated in lieu of Christmas present for Rachel
To give a family time with there child during a very special time of year as unfortunately not all children are home for Christmas 🎅 And I can’t thank Ronald MacDonald Charities enough for supporting while my son was in hospital 👍
Thank-you for the lifeline you have given us to be closer to our daughter. We live and hour away and without the support of the facility it would make things so much harder. It’s sad COVID means we can’t be together as a family but the facility is so amazing and again so grateful to have such support and such lovely team running the place. Merry Christmas x
Mrs S Lewendon
Thank you to everyone at Evelina House for providing a safe and friendly place to stay when our baby boy was ill. You made the world of difference to me and our family.
Rebecca Smart
Thank you. I stayed at John Radcliffe when our son Elijah was desperately unwell. We are forever grateful he recovered and is here. I was on a camp bed in the breastfeeding room for sleeping and by Elijah’s side every waking hour willing him to live. It was a time I was just in cope mode and wouldn’t have noticed much. A room became available at Ronald McDonald House. I remember it being comfortable and a welcome place to retreat for needed sleep. People care. That helps. Wishing all the very best to all families going through very tough times, Rebecca x x
Clive Elcome
Please keep on doing what you did for my son, his partner and their newborn son.
The Lane-Read Family
We would like to thanks all at the charity for the support you give families during difficult times. You helped our family when our daughter Mila contracted Bronchiolitis and ended up in ICU in Cardiff Christmas time 2017. We are truly grateful for all the work you do and wish everyone a Merry Christmas x
Anthony parke
I’ve been in this situation before and I know it’s horrible but things will get better
Carla rajez
Thank you for everything you do.
Dawn Wilcox
Your help when our granddaughter Izzy was very poorly at Christmas was wonderful. Being able to be so near helped so much. Thank you so much
Lucy and Katie Scott
Happy Christmas to all the families being supported by the charity and to all the staff who do such a brilliant job x
Alana Lannagan
Merry Christmas from the Lannagan’s. We needed our safe haven in 2019, may you continue to support families for years to come xx
Happy Christmas and thank you for your ongoing help and support to families who need it ❤ xxx
Victoria Raikes
Thanks for all the support you give to families during challenging times….
Chris Wall
Truly priceless service, will never forget our time with you
We had a Christmas in hospital with our eldest daughter and we’re grateful to have been able to stay with her. I’m so glad to be able to give back x
Karen Logan
Forever grateful for our families time spent in your house last year, whilst our son was receiving chemotherapy. Merry Christmas all xxx
The Simpson family
In memory of lovely Jacob xxxxx
Rhona Passmore
In memory of our daughter Charlotte.
Joan Jaggers
With grateful thanks for looking after my family at s very difficult time for us, merry christmss
David Murray
Great cause – keep up the good work!
Trevor Uttley
Thank you for helping my granddaughter stay close to her daughter who was critically ill. you were a tremendous support to us all
Thanks to rmhc Moorfields and all the staff Merry Christmas from Yuri Pambianco and his family See you next year
Sarah Fisher
A huge thank you to all the wonderful staff who have cared for my friends daughter while dealing with her poor health!!
Ian Williamson
Thank you for your wonderful work, Merry Christmas
Natasha & Marc Luxon
Will always be so incredibly grateful for being able to stay soo close to our baby who was in the NICU at Princess Anne from Oct-Dec 2019. THANK YOU & Merry Christmas. Tasha and Marc and Cayden-Joshua (his 1st Christmas at home!) XxX
Wyatt Heard
Thanks for all your care last Christmas because of you I can enjoy Christmas at home this year with my big sister Kara xx
The Williams Family
We are eternally grateful to Ronald McDonald house and their wonderful staff who looked after us in 2018. Thank you for everything you do and for keeping us going when it was just a bit too much. You really got us through xxx
Gill Edwards
Thank you for this wonderful charity. Our son Oliver and his wife Kathy stayed with you for a week whilst their 6 month old son, Tomos was treated in the Noah Ark Hospital. It was a extremely worrying time for them but being able to stay close to Tomos eased their situation. As a family we will always be so very grateful.
Crazy catalan
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Cara and Olivia Underwood
Merry Christmas to you all from our family to yours. Xxx
Leroy Wright
Merry Christmas and god bless from Leroy and Angie
Lauren Emmett
My family will always be grateful for your generosity. We are forever thankful for allowing us to be close to my precious nephew during a very long hospital stay.
Kay Sayer
Thank you for all you do xxx
What a wonderful place. Thank you for making a hard time easier
Carol Westwood
Just a small donation to help to keep this wonderful service available to families in need
Paul Inness
For Thomas & George Bullen
Laura Chiles
Thank you so much Ronald Macdonald Cardiff for making a very difficult time a little less difficult. The accommodation was excellent and most of the staff were really kind to us. We wanted to donate to you this Christmas to say thank you for all you did for us while our son was on PICU for 1 month earlier in the year. Thank you and Merry Christmas
Amazing organisation
Wishing all the families that use rmhc rooms or homes a very Merry Christmas and I hope your families are back home soon, God bless you all
Bob and Tracey Crewdson
Thank you for helping us and keep up the good work helping others,
A family in Reading
We’ve been there. What RMHC provides is a sense of security, a some normality at a time that is anything but. It helps families look after themselves which helps them better look after their child(ren). Without RMH we would have been sleeping in the car. We are forever grateful.
Antra Kraceja
Our new family stayed in Brighton house in 2015. Our son Adrian was treated in Trevor Mann. We stayed in RMH for nearly a month. Forever thankful.
Natalie, Scott & Billy
Hearing about how wonderful this charity has been for a friend of mine, especially around Christmas, was so heart warming. Hoping our donation brings a night of small blessings, warmth and comfort during such challenging times for a family xxx
When my daughter was ill I had to stay in old dirty hospital accommodation, so well don Mc Ds for providing this.
Yanis X
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sophie, Tommy & Olivia Tutt
Merry Christmas xx
RMHC was there for my family growing up during the many times my sister and I were in hospital. This Christmas, I wanted to make a donation to support others. Thank you for everything this charity does. Merry Christmas everyone!
Mr Ryan Morgan
Merry Christmas! And a Happy New year! At this difficult time. And I hope everything goes better next year!
Secret Santa
Donation on behalf of Fiona McPhail
A fabulous charity helping parents stay close to their children when ill, thank you.
Dave and Sue Stevens
Look after yourself, please x
Thank you for being there for us during such a tough time. Keep up the great work
Chris & Rika Barker
Hi guys, we will never forget the help you gave us when our son was in hospital. We don’t know if we would have coped, looking after a newly born twin at the same time as caring for our son at the ICU. You made such an incredible difference. We get emotional still when we think about the generosity and kindness we received. Our son is now 3 and a half years old, fit as a fiddle and as boisterous as you can imagine! 😀 Chris & Rika
Susan McManus
In memory of my nephew Lewis Prescot love you always.x
Adrienne Hewitt
My friend told me about the great work you do well done
IT Team
Happy Christmas to you. Lots of wishes from us to you sincerely, we need a big smile from your face. Happy Heart, is the most joyful things ever.
Chris Blundell
Best wishes to all with children in hospital this Christmas, and I hope you’re back home together as a family with a fully recovered child as soon as possible.
Jenny and Phil
For all your amazing help with taking care of the parents of Charlie Golden and Louie Waller, you do an amazing job which we never even knew about until then.
Don Wood
Thanks for helping my family when they needed it.
FX Support Citi
Thank you for everything you do. You do a fantastic job made even harder this year.
Hi my name is Toby and I am 9yrs old. I sold my old toys to raise money. I wanted to so Mummy’s and daddy’s can stay with there children when they are poorly
Deirdre lansdown
Holding all families in prayer.
Katie, Zach, Lola & Rory
Merry Christmas from our house to yours xxxx
Katie Jones
Merry Christmas from our house to yours xxx
Jacqueline Rutter
In memory of our friend Craig Bourne XXXX
Thank you to all your amazing staff for saving my baby Christmas 2014/15.
In memory of Bosh who spent many months here surrounded by his family…. It gave us special memories xxxx
Kristina Nichols
Keep positive! I pray for all children and their parents to be back together very soon 🙏 ❤
Jemma and Gareth Smith (Freddies parents)
On behalf of Brenda and Martin Dafforn – who kindly asked us to choose a charity for their donation. Merry Christmas to all staff and families at RMHB xxx
Laura Robinson & Danny Smith
A contribution to help all those families who need the stay. We imagine being able to stay in a RM house takes a much needed financial weight off parents shoulders meaning they can focus their energy where it’s needed most!
Shona Gough
In memory of Akira x Merry Christmas
Huge help for us this year that we could stay whilst our baby was in hospital. Thank you so much.
Adam Thorn
Merry Christmas everyone. The Ronald McDonald House charity helped me and my parents back in 2007 when I had heart surgery and spent 18 days in Bristol Children’s Hospital. Its an act of kindness I’ll never forget. Keep up the fantastic work!!
Carla Baldwin
Very brave and beautiful families going through tragedies just makes my heart hurt….Sending lots of love and prayers xxxxxx
Jo Hodgson
From.our House to yours. With love xx
Victoria F
Merry Christmas to all. xx
Marc Gee
In memory of Laurie. Happy birthday x
Jennifer probets
Your accomodation was wonderful at Bristol when one of my grandsons was seriously ill from Exeter. Thankyou for providing at a difficult time. We were from Yorkshire so it was complicated. He is doing well so far.👍🤗 Yours sincerely, Jennifer Probets.
Merry Christmas ❤️❤️❤️
Fergus Higginson
Shout out to #TeamLukas! X
Mrs Simone Skinner
Thankyou for taking care of me & my family when our daughter was poorly in hospital, giving us a safe warm place away from home. Being so close to our daughter really helped reduce worry & stress, Forever in our hearts ♥️
Amy Caldwell
Thank you so much for supporting families to be with their children when stays in hospital have to happen. My donation is a for the Kemp family who were very grateful for the support they received from the charity.
Ruth Rowlinson
Without the amazing support and comfort of Ronald McDonald house in Manchester my niece wouldn’t have been able to be so close to her premature baby this time last year.
Kate & Fia
From the Elf In Charge at GB and her little apprentice
You helped my friends when they needed it most, and I’ll never forget it. Thank you. Merry Christmas!
Angela and Chris
We stayed at Ronald MCDONALD whilst our son was in icu in kings and it must be even harder for parents now during lockdown. We hope you can feel at home and safe there.
Rebecca Hillman
RMHC Cardiff were a godsend when we needed them in November 2018 after the premature birth of our daughter. What they do to help family’s have a home away from home at such difficult times is amazing and we can’t thank the charity enough!
In memory of baby Rose. X
Malcolm Inch
In memory of Amy who has a room dedicated to her in a Ronald house , this is vital respite to allow parents to be near their children , it helped our friends tremendously and whilst Amy sadly passed away her memory will live on through Ronald houses …. merry Xmas to staff and parents
Anna Appleyard
Thank you for helping me when my son Ethan James was in hospital. Sadly he died, but staying in McDonald housing helped me spend precious time with him.
Paul Hallett
On behalf of the Noverton Shoot we are extremely proud to donate this money to such an amazing cause. Your work is invaluable and I know how much it means to all of the families and children.
Joe T
On behalf of Ben Proctor, merry xmas
Laura Brunton
Oh behalf of Samuel John Eden Brown (Little Sammy Sausage)…for all the help RMHC gave his Mummy and Daddy whilst he was in NICU
Thank you for all you do, every day of every year.
Maggie Tait
This is on behalf of Penny Pearce, my thoughts are with you and anyone that is suffering from these terrible illnesses.
Andy T
Happy Xmas
Helen and Steven
Keep up the amazing work
Sheena Clark
Donating with thanks on behalf of the Abingdon Primary School community
Diya Anaya Naina
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year
Phil & Tracey
Doing great work
Aimee Jacquest
This year my work colleagues donated their secret Santa money to a charity close to our hearts
You helped a friend – thank you
Helped our family 6 years ago when our son was very ill. We are forever grateful!
Llinos &Jase Hilbocus
We were very grateful for the accommodation when our little girl was poorly. Thank you so much 😊x
Merry Christmas to you all from our family to yours!! Xx
Marc & Charlotte Ferris
A Christmas Donation on Behalf of Stuart, Shelly, Lauren and Brooke. With much love at Christmas Time.
Thank you for giving my family a place close to stay when Charlie was poorly! You are amazing!!!
Mucky Munchkins Childcare Ltd
Our nursery raised £187 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities by having a Christmas raffle & Name the Bear.
Derek & Sue Oakley
Thank you for the services you provide when people need it the most. This has helped our son and daughter-in-law when they really needed to be near to their baby. Thank you.
Carol Pape
Our grandchild was at Arrowe Park and our son and his wife were lucky enough to be given a room there. It made such a difference. I saw and felt their pain so I have much sympathy for those requiring these rooms. God Bless you all at Christmas and always. Xxx
sarah Stephenson
Merry Christmas ❤
Gavin, Jo and Rosina
We were welcomed into the Ronald McDonald House while my daughter was in PICU Kings College Hospital just 2 years ago. We cannot thank you enough for giving us a place to rest and remain close to our daughter while she was so unwell. Keep up the amazing work you all do for the families during their hours of need. Thank you for everything you did for us. We wish you and and all the families of the poorly children the best of health and a Merry Christmas. Lots of love from, Gavin, Jo and our daughter Rosina xxxxx ❤🎄
Rosie Rose
For everyone who needs to use the facilities of the Ronald McDonald houses, I wish you a peaceful Christmas, making this donation on behalf of my darling grandaughter Rosina whose parent’s were fortunate enough to be given a room and place in the house when they needed it most xxx
Barnsey Bro
Covid 19 cannot cancel Christmas for our Children. A donation from A Motor Biker. Covid cancelled our Ride / Event ” The Big One” From Streetbikes Birmingham UK. WE WILL BE BACK.
Joanne & Garry
Thank you for everything you do to help parents and families during such difficult times. You were able to provide a room for our daughter and son-in-law when our granddaughter, Sophia, was seriously ill at Manchester Children’s over Christmas and New Year 2017/18.
Christopher Hodgson
Thank you for looking after our daughter, son-in-law and little granddaughter in your Brighton home. Born 3 months prematurely with a hole in the heart and some brain damage.
Fabulous show this evening from Lambeth Palace, thank you for alerting my Rotary Club to your event.
Loved your Christmas Starry Night at Lambeth Palace. I didn’t know about the wonderful work that you are doing. You reduced both me and my wife to tears with the stories. Well done!
Margaret & Robert
Thank you for that wonderful Starry Night
Thank you for looking after us when our son was in hospital x
Malcolm Collier
Fantastic charity Please keep up the good work
The Trowsdale, Stannard family
Delighted to be able to help any family need – when they need it most
Georgina Edmundson
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and lots of love xx
Fabio Massaro
Keeping children near their families and loved ones is extremely important during their physical and mental recovery! You are heroes! Thank you for everything you do!
J Singh
Thank you for being that home from home when our daughter fought for her life xx
Jenny and Richard Burgess
Merry Christmas and love to you all
Chris, Lleucu, Julie, Lynda, Kelly and Jo
Happy Christmas/Nadolig Llawen. Thank you for all of your hard work. Have a safe, enjoyable christmas and support one another during this difficult time. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. x
Sharron Amor
We normally come into one of the houses to cook which hasn’t been possible since we last visited in February. Thinking of you all and hope you all have a healthy and happy Christmas and a bright New Year.
Parminder Bharj
Thank you for all the great work you are doing to support children and families. Such a special charity. Merry Christmas to all!
Derek Donnelly
I donated in memory of Darren Banford who deceased/past this Month. God bless all families with children in hospital this December. Derek.
Helen King
RMHC helped my family for 6wks in 2016 and I will forever be more grateful than I could ever express xx
Stella Parkman
Thank you for the amazing opportunity that is provided for families at difficult times
Thank you very much for helping us when Holly was poorly thankfully she’s doing amazing now
Jane Haywood
We stayed in RMH while our son was in Southampton. It was only for a week but it made a really worrying time so much easier. Not only being near but such lovely staff and the other families. We were all in the same situation. Amazing place that we will never forget. Thankyou
Darryn and Candice van der Merwe
We know just how invaluable the support and ease of staying at one of the houses is, during the most trying times. We would like to give a little back this Christmas time, with our sincere gratitude.
Will Graham
A huge thanks to everyone at Ronald McDonald for the support you are providing and wishing all the best to your families at this time of year.
Geoff (Rugby Choir)
Hope “A Starry Night at Lambeth Palace” is a great success!
Sending lots of love and wishes to all families at Christmas time, and to the Ronald McDonald team! My friends were so well looked after by the charity, and I will never forget their gratefulness. Can’t wait to watch the A Starry Night show as well. All the best x
Chesterfield Drive GP Surgery
For providing accommodation when one of our staff really needed it, so she could be near her poorly baby.
Gareth Dinnage
Wishing you all the very best for Xmas and please keep up all the wonderful work you do, Very best from us all at Seacourt Ltd – Happy Xmas!!
Patricia Davies
Merry Christmas x
Happy Christmas! Thank you for all your support when my son was in intensive care at Oxford in 2014, we will never forget the difference you made to our family x
Danielle and Lee Climpson
A big thank you as always for when we stayed with you in December 2017. An amazing charity!
Lola and Cherry Hastie
We have been raising money for this charity because our brother had to have heart surgery and even tho we didn’t see our mummy and daddy for a while it meant that they could stay with our baby brother. It means children can have their mummy’s and daddy’s close to them to make them feel safe.
Great cause hoping this will help families in need of a little help x
Ron & Frances
Thank you so much for supporting our daughter and son-in-law by enabling them to all stay together during our little granddaughter Poppy’s stay in hospital. Everything was made more difficult because of covid restrictions but being able to be together as a family made everything much more bearable for them.
Charlotte Neill
This charity helps so many families when the are going through the toughest times. Keep doing the amazing work that you are doing. Xx
Joanne Boardman
In memory of our amazing son, Jake. Thanks to Ronald McDonald House we were able to be with Jake during his time in hospital
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a fab 2021 xx
Angie and Phil Faulkner
Thankyou for being such a wonderful lifeline during a very traumatic time. Your kind and homely environment made such a huge difference to a frightening time when our daughter was having a liver transplant. Thankyou.
Gabriele Casiddu
Thank you for providing a room for our family every time we need it, it’s really helpful, specially in hard times.
William Jones
Such a fantastic charity. Thanks for everything you do. Dinukshi, Will & Theo
NuGen Security
We hope our donation will help in these very difficult times. Your Charity is very close to all of our heart here at NuGen. You all do an amazing job, well done ❤
Susan Riddick
When my grandson was born at 29 weeks with problems he was rushed to King’s college. If it hadn’t been for ronald macdonalds houses the family would have been unable to stay. Thank you.
My son in law donated this in lieu of a Christmas present. Very worthy cause
A huge thank you to Ronald McDonald for everything you do go look after each family on their journeys through hospital ❤️
Christa, John, Ophelia, Eowyn and Eleena Watson
Sending lots of love to all the families and staff at Ronald McDonald House Charity Birmingham.
Walsall Academy of Dance
Sending all of the families and workers at Birmingham House lots of love this Christmas!
Cat Harman
I would like to wish everyone involved with your charity and good work a Happy Christmas,
Shannon Hitchins
Donation made in Memory of my brother Jay Hitchins
Maureen and Roger Sale
Thanks for the 6 months you looked after my daughter, son in law and 2 newborn babies. (2016) I cannot imagine how we would all have coped without all your support.
Sending love and wishing all the babies and children well. Thinking of all the family members too x
Veronica Brailsford
Thank you for the support given to our daughter Katie, her husband Darren and our very special grandson Luca. You have always been there for them when Luca has been in Manchester children’s hospital. As a family that means so much to us at difficult times. A big thank you to all at Manchester.
Lisa and kevin scott
Thank you for looking after Sharon and the family while they have been in hospital with their son James. Xxx
Denise Brown
Brilliant charity. Dont know what my daughter and myself would have done without it. Can never thank them enough xx
Andrea Marsh
Ronald McDonald Houses are a lifeline and a safe haven for parents/guardians of children whilst they are ill in hospital. They take the worry out of finding somewhere to stay which will be near to the hospital ward. This charity deserves the funding it needs to carry on their good work. Thank you.
keiron Beastall
Hope you all have a merry Christmas!
Vicky Jeffcock
Thank you for looking after my best friend’s family x
Merry Christmas! This donation is being made on behalf of Alex Green who has been a wonderful team member this year and who cares deeply about people. Thank you Alex for being you and to the RMHC team for taking care of families in need.
Carclaze School
From the Children at Carclaze School
Caz & Harps
Sending love to you all xxx #teamfreddiesmith
Pauline Bell
A very merry Christmas and happy New Year. My best wishes for 2020.
Network Rail
To Chris and Sarah Russell, We are all thinking of you and wishing Ella a swift recovery.
Inge Borremans
What you’ve done for my lovely friend Jo G is fantastic. May you be able to support many more people like her. Thank you ❤
Michael M
When our son Conor was admitted to ICU we were all over the place. Hospital staff immediately arranged for us to stay at the nearby RMH. Being able to focus 100% on Conor without having to worry about the logistics and cost of overnight stays was a huge weight lifted from our shoulders. We had a good outcome. I hope anyone reading this, who is staying in RMH for similar reasons to us, trys to take it a day/hour at a time and when possible get some rest that RMH provides. You are in our thoughts.
Rebecca Ellerton
Merry Christmas Hudson, Beth & Ryan. Wishing you a happy & healthy 2021. Take care little man & keep fighting x
Marta Graumann
Wishing you a Merry Christmas ❤️
Never give up Keep faith With lots of love 💕
Siobhan & Alex
Donated to say thank you for helping my friend when her little baby was so sick
For the Goad family who have needed your services this year xx
Christine Munton
Remembering beautiful Ivy at Christmas
Paul Owen
Thanks for looking after us in 2016!
Always remembering Lizzy ❤️
Rachel Penny
Ronald McDonald House was there for my two close friends whose baby girl was in Evelina Children’s Hospital during the past two years. That is why I donate – as a thank you for the support and help shown to them when they needed it most ❤
Lisa Iddon
Merry Xmas to you all wishing you all health and happiness x
thinking of all the poorly children and their families at this difficult time. esp to baby Hudson and his family . Anna xx
Barbara Shaw
Thank you for giving comfort and support to George, Fi & Pippa when baby Charlotte was so poorly last December – in Evelina. She is doing well.
Wendy Fairbrother
In memory of our wonderful Granddaughter Amelia whose family received tremendous support from RMHC Brighton. Happy Christmas to you all.
Sarah Thraves
Thanks to Ronald McDonald for helping families stay close to their children over Christmas. It was us last year and it was so important to stay close.
Sarah and Chris
Thank you so much for the wonderful care our family was given at the Ronald McDonald House in Southampton over Christmas 2018. Our baby son was having open heart surgery and it meant so much to us to be altogether with our oldest son and to be staying so close to the hospital. We will be forever grateful for the great kindness the staff at Ronald McDonald House showed our family during this distressing time.
Julie Bird
Love you Beth and Ryan big wonderful hugs for Hudson 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰
Adam Goodacre
You’re amazing! ⭐️ It makes the world of difference when we need it most. Merry Christmas 🎄
Julie and phil brewer
Hudson a very special young chap x love to all the Dixon family x What a special place this is enabling parents to be with their little ones Happy Christmas to all x x x
Emma Bradbury
For beautiful brave little Hudson ❤️
Trudi White
Thank you for allowing my Nephew and his wife to stay after the birth of their son Douglas, sadly after 3 weeks he lost his fight. God bless you all xx
Adisham CE Primary School
Funds raised to thank you for the amazing work that you do.
Irene Allen
Thank you so much for everything you did to help my Nephew and Niece, when their precious ❤ daughter was having life saving surgery.
John Gregory
Thanks for supporting my son Frank & his wife, Molly, during the difficult early weeks of baby Cherry’s life. The house in Vauxhall was/is a God send. God bless you, especially at this Christmas time.
Carol Gordon
Thank you for the support you gave to my daughter and son in law while there baby daughter receives life saving surgery in Bristol hospital. Xx
We recently were so glad of this donation of accommodation to our son and his wife which meant they could stay close to our grand daughter during her serious illness, Thank you isn’t enough. God bless. xxx
Veronica Folkard
Thank you so much for being there for our family when we had our very poorly daughter Ramona, back in 2016. Having somewhere to collapse exhausted at the end of another worrying day was one less thing to worry about and made a world of difference. Thank you.
Paul Francis
Thank you for your fantastic service
Thanks to all of you who keep this wonderful scheme running, offering support to families just when they need it. Wishing you all a healthy Christmas and 2021.
The Easterling family
Wishing you all a very merry crimbo, and keep up the fantastic work guys and girls x
Keeley and Jason sharp
Thank you for all the support you gave us, you made unbearable times a little easier. You will always be a charity close to our hearts, that deserves our support. Given in memory of Amy Teri Sharp xx
Debbie Jukes-Equilibrium Financial Planning LLP
From all the Staff & Partners @ Equilibrium Financial Planning. We are proud to support you and your team, with the help and support you provide to the children and their families.
Susan Fidler
With grateful thanks to Brighton RMH for the support given to my daughter and husband last year, 2019. Best wishes to all.
Mr & Mrs Lobban
We send all of our positive thoughts and love your way
Just wanted to wish a speedy recovery to all the children in Hospital over Christmas, hope Santa brings your children everything their hearts wish for. Keep strong for your child.
Lisa mcauliffe
With love and thoughts to all of you over the xmas period and I hope your little ones get better soon x
Dawn Beattie
Thought we’d give a little back to this super charity instead of buying family presents this Christmas. Ronald McDonald House has been home to us on several occasions when our son has been in BCH. Having somewhere close by to the hospital that we can call home makes life that little bit easier during such difficult times! Thank you Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham 😘
Linda shayshutt
All our good wishes and kind thoughts are with everyone who visits this establishment and the staff who make it possible. Courage and hope to anyone who reads this. All our love
Sandhar Family
Thank you for supporting families and children who are experiencing such tough times. We appreciate your help more than you will ever know.
Ronald McDonald House was there for me and my family at one of the darkest moments in our lives. The team at the John Radcliffe site were simply amazing! It took a horrifying experience to realise the importance and impact of giving to the charity boxes we often see at McDonalds restaurants!
Barry Spiller
A wonderful charity that made an amazing difference to my family and I when my daughter was in hospital in London.
Sian, Cloverleaf Business Development
Merry Christmas to everyone at Ronald McDonald House Charities. Your wonderful work keeps families together and never is that more important than at Christmas. With much love, Sian x
Ruth, Matt and Riley
After our little girl was born prematurely in 2018 and transferred to Kings, we spent 4 months living at the Camberwell house, including over Christmas. We’ll never be able to fully express how grateful we are for all that you did for us during that time. The team were absolutely incredible, generously giving up their time to make our lives that little bit easier. X
Thanks to the kindness of the staff at Camberwell we were able to be close to our very poorly son last Christmas. We can’t thank you enough. Merry Christmas to you all.
Hope you all have a safe christmas and continue to support families the way you supported mine. Lots of love angela, layla, and koban xx
Jessica Boyle
Sue Bate
Ronald McDonald houses are marvellous – easing the trauma of both the families of a child who has to stay in hospital and bringing comfort to that same child.
Wish I could help more for what helped me more then I could ever give
Good luck with all your fundraising this year. I know from personal experience what an amazing difference your charity makes to families. Thank you!
Stephie Jones
Hi ho hi ho Keep going Merry Christmas Next year will be better Seeing a hug
Louise davies
Amazing charity. Thank you all x
We will always be grateful to you, thank you xx Merry Christmas!
Mr Larry Lidbury
Great cause done my mate Dan and his family proud x
Ronald Macdonald house gave me hope and showed me kindness when my baby was in a coma. I know that the staff will always be the best they can be and that’s because they care. Thank you for everything. Merry christmas xx
Danielle pettitt
Merry Xmas x
Tibor,Sisi and Daniel
We wanted to say a big thank you! We needed help last year when our son was 2 days old and he was trasfered to Soutampton the neonatal intensive care.We stayed 1 month and we had a chance to be close to our son everyday.Stay strong and believe!Everything will be fine! Merry Christmas for all of you!
Paul Bryan
Thank from me for all the love you showed for little Opal Black when she was very sick and you looked after her Mummy Jo, Daddy Bren and big brother Eli, We will never forget your kindness.
The Bricklands
With lots of love to all of you. Stay strong xxx
Ann Hunter
May God’s blessings be upon you all. XX
Here’s hoping that my little contribution will help a family come together at Christmas and make some precious memories ❤
Gordon family
We stayed at RMH during April of 2018 whilst our son was at Kings. We couldn’t have managed without them and thinking of the families with poorly little ones during a pandemic – big virtual hugs xx
Chloe Bason
Merry Christmas to you all Remembering Sophie Jackson too 😊🎄
Tim collins
You were there for us when we needed help the most. Thank you.
Wishing you all the best in this difficult time
Love to you all, enjoy those Xmas cuddles. X
Merry Christmas
Louise Humphries
Wishing all the staff and families a very Merry Christmas. Thank you Ronald McDonald houses 😀
Things will look dark but there are always people to help. Keep strong x x
Susan King
My Grandson Taylor was cared for in St Thomas’, Tooting in 2011/12 and my family stayed in the remarkable Ronald McDonald house there. We, as a family, will never forget how wonderful it was to be so near him and will be forever grateful to the charity to be able to do so.
Ruth Dickman
Amazing charity keeping families together at a very difficult time – Keep up the fantastic work x
Hickton Group LImited
Festive Greetings and best wishes from all teams across the Hickton Group companies.
Debbie Jones
So well done on the wonderful work you do X
Taz Saif
God bless you all, thank you to the wonderful team at RMHC. Keep on doing what you do. My thoughts are with all the families looked after by RMHC.
Greg W.
In memoriam.
Bun and Antonia Edmunds
In memory of Artemis Wood, and the fantastic facility you provided for her wonderful parents and many, many others.
For my niece Lila who was so poorly and her wonderful Mummy who you saved after a week of sleepless nights at her bedside xx
Cas Majid
This charity does amazing work. I’m so proud to have served on the board. It bc dill always be close to my heart.
Sara Rajiah
A wonderful charity – keep up the good work guys x
F Brown
Thank you Ronald Mcdonald for the invaluable support you gave to the Banner family.
Carol winstanley
Thank you for everything you do .
Joan Winer
From our family to yours – having been through difficult times with one of our children. With special wishes to all of you who need and benefit from these lovely places to be.
Monika Szabo-Vezse, Andras Szabo
Donated in the memory of our beautiful little boy, Erick. Wish all the little ones speedy recovery! Monika & Andy
Germaine Pugh
Thankyou for everything you do for others. This charity is close to my heart and especially at xmas (2012) when me and my family were looked after. Merry christmas
Paul & Paula E
Hope all the families and staff in the RMHC houses have the best possible Christmas
Happy to support the fantastic work you do x
Nicola Jefferson
Keep up the amazing work. Life really is beautiful. Xx
David Michelle and George Cannon
To the great work the house do in providing such vital care for families in such difficult times x
Victoria Bretts
Such a fab event & charity!!
McGowan Family
Thankyou so much for being there when we needed you most, you kept us together and helped our son recover faster. We’ll never ever forget that you were there & what you did xxx McGowan family xxx
Pam Jackson
In Memory of Steve Burne for all the wonderful work he done for RMHC
The Thomsons
For Artemis Wood – the bravest of brave little girls. She didn’t make it but you helped her family so much. We hope this helps another family going through similarly difficult times.
Proud to support this great charity. Bruce and the team of fundraisers have done a great job engaging with everyone, Good luck to all involved xx
Holly Hill
In memory of Artemis Wood, forever in our hearts.
Donna Lord
A year ago today my granddaughter left NICU after 7 weeks . My daughter, son-in-law and eldest granddaughter stayed in Ronald McDonald house in Manchester. I will never forget the kindness they showed my family
Ramcrete Pumping Services Ltd
We will always be so grateful to Ronald McDonald House.Best wishes to everyone. The Kearns Family xx
An amazing charity that really helps during a parent’s time of need x
Commercial Continuous Improvement Team
We hope this donation helps your work supporting families during a very difficult time.
with this donation we hope to give yet another family a warm home for Christmas in these difficult times
Hollie Hunt
Thank you for all you do to help so many families each and every year – it stays with them forever. Sending you all love and good wishes this Christmas. From Hollie, Christien and family xx
Andy Thompson
Hope that you can still raise all the money you would usually do and more from the gala. It’s a charity that deserves all the support it gets
Wishing you all a Christmas full of love and special memories x
Wishing you all a Christmas full of love and special memories x
Susan Llewellyn
I’ll never forget your support when we needed it. Thank you very much.
Daz G
Good luck to all involved, ste, you’re one in a million, pal.
Keep up the tremendous work Steve and all involved with RMHC xxxxx
Jason Rooney
Keep up the good work guys and Merry Christmas
The Harveys
Thank you for the wonderful work you do to enable families like ours to stay close to their children whilst in hospital.
Becky Beasley
What an incredible charity! You should all be very proud of the work you do. Xx
From one parent to another. With love
Laura Walters
Thank you for making such a tough time, easier, x
Granny & Grandpa Broadbent
Wishing you every success. Keep up your marvellous work.
Have a lovely Xmas
Emma metcalf
Keep up the good work, you do an awesome job x
Talia Warnock-Meehan
Merry Christmas to all at the house. Xx Wishing you a happy and healthy New year. Xx lots of love from Belfast
Have a lovely Christmas everybody xx will be thinking of you all xx
Emma Wills
You are all amazing. Xxx
Many thanks for your support for all the families
Michael Langfeld
Having spent last Christmas at Southampton Ronald McDonald, I know how important it is to have a comfortable place to stay close to your child in hospital. Sadly our daughter passed away recently. However, she would want us to continue to support where we can. Such a wonderful organisation that allowed me to be closer to my perfect little girl during the tough hospital stays. Thank you xxx
Wayne Ingram & Stacy Langford
Last year, we stayed in Ronald Mcdonald House Evalina for 9 months (the first 9 months of our daughter’s life). During that time, it became apparent to us that we would be spending her first Christmas in a hospital with her – a heartbreaking prospect for us. The Ronald McDonald House and their team, turned what would have been a difficult day for us in to one that was so wonderful. The staff went above and beyond to make sure that all of the families had the best day they could under the circumstances and we were blown away by the generosity and kindness of everyone. We hope with our small donation, we can make at least on family’s difficult Christmas Day just that little bit easier and hopefully keep some of that Christmas magic alive for them. Merry Christmas to all at the Ronald McDonald House.
Madigan Family
Merry Xmas Everyone!! Our thoughts and love are with all the patients and families spending their Xmas on a ward. We are forever grateful to the RMHC staff at Alder Hey for their support when we stayed.
Dali Dong
I wish all the best for this wonderful charity and the nice works they are doing and hopefully, our supports could make this pandemic winter a little bit easier.
Best of luck Ste, hope you raise loads. As you can see, I’ve had to pay you in pennies…
Keep up the good work. It’s wonderful what you do.
Michael Young
Wishing everyone at Ronald McDonald a merry Christmas.
The Laws Family
Merry Christmas and thank you all – stay safe.
Jane King
In memory of my beautiful grandson THOMAS JACK ARTHUR KING Despite all the efforts of Doctors he died at 6 weeks old. Now a beautiful Angel.
Gary Wallace
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the Wallace’s in Cork. I stayed in Camberwell London last January while our son Daniel was in Kings College Hospital for investigations. Thankfully our stay was brief and Daniel is flying it (just turned 1 today) but I will be eternally grateful for the support of Rmhc Camberwell at that very scary time of our lives. Wishing everyone the best ,Gary Wallace
Chris Weir
I cannot thank you enough for all the support given to my sister, her partner and their youngest son, whilst their oldest son Tobi was in Birmingham Childrens PICU. All I can say is that your support to them and others in similar situations in times of crisis is utterly incredible. Thank you for all you do.
Thankyou to Birmingham House 🙂 You made it so our family could all be together last year for my boys first Christmas. We are forever grateful X
Jennifer Richardson
You are an amazing support when families need it the most, thank you
Pamela Reynolds
My granddaughter was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour, at first my daughter would not take a room she wanted all the other moms and dads with smaller children to have a room but in the end after Ella who was only 14 was in the hospital for 10 weeks my daughter was at the end of her tether and had to have a room which was a massive help to her from sleeping on the ward as she would not leave Ella but could not sleep. So yes the rooms are so important to all the moms and dads.
Karen Taylor
The help my son and daughter in law got from Ronald Mcdonald house and its lovely staff was amazing … thankyou from the bottom of our hearts 💙💙
Jane Shaw
In memory of our son, little Ray Shaw.
Miele Professional
We are delighted to donate on behalf of Miele, as our continued and ongoing support towards the charity.
Ruth Dickman
Sorry I wont be with you at the Black Tie and Slippers night. Really hope it goes well. Ruth x
Keep up the good work,
Fran Butterworth
Keep up the good work.
Hannah And Kim
For Rich, Sarah and Finley
Mrs Ann Wakeling
Best wishes to all parents, and patients who benefit from the care that their children receive at the Donald NcDonald House
Amanda West
UL VS Ltd are very happy to assist with your appeal. You are a wonderful support to all the families that need your help. We would like to send our best wishes to all the families that find themselves in an unfortunate situation at Christmas.
Charlotte Herriott
Charlotte (7yrs) has been learning about charities in school, and she chose to research Ronald McDonald House and wanted to sacrifice one of her Christmas gifts to donate to help others this year.
Gillian Dove
In memory of Patricia Wood, whose grandson Alfie is supported by Ronald MacDonald House Charity – UK
Judith Wheeler
Donation made to say a big thank you for having DRMH in Amsterdam when it was needed by my niece and her partner in June 2020 – instead of birthday presents she asked us all to make a donation to DRMC – so thank you for being there x
Rebekah & Ant Williams
We know what it means to be able to be near your child when they are at their most vulnerable. We hope there will always be room for anyone that needs it.
Catherine Llewellyn Roberts
Forever thankful for the help RMHC gave me when my daughter was ill. My very best wishes at Christmas time to all the children and families using the facility this year x
Ashley Martin
Good ;luck with the fantastic support you are giving to families.
My son had a heart operation in Liverpool and it made such a massive difference that I could stay close by. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! Xx
Paul McDermott
Keep up the great work
Brilliant work that I love supporting
Nicola Rayworth
Hope a little helps 😊
Neville Chapman
Thanks for helping Benjamin, Anne, Evan and Henry cope.
Gilly Flower and family
With our love x x x
Sonny murray
I’m now 2 years old almost . My family stayed at Ronald Macdonald when I had my heart operations. You guys are the best
Sheridan Rogers
I would have never known of the fabulous work the Ronald McDonald House Charity does if it was not for Jemma & Gaz sharing the heartbreaking journey their little Freddie has been on. Keep up the amazing work, looking after families who truly need support at the most difficult times. ✨
John & Bridget Owen
In appreciation for the vital accommodation made available for the parents of our grandson Elliott Owen.
Tracey Clarke
Keep strong, never ever give up hope, miracles do happen xx
The Cole Family
Merry Christmas to all. Best wishes to you all. xxx
Richard Pryce
Thanks for continuing to do such wonderful work
Steve Allen
Many congratulations to everyone involved in No Place Like Home. Well done! Great cause.
Quinn Whitfield
Thank you for letting my family stay so close when I was poorly. xxx
Nigel Davis-Odema Ltd
I hope our donation helps towards your quick recovery
Chris Lovell
In remembrance of a special grandson Max Lovell
Sharon Hayes
My daughter and son in law stayed in one of these rooms while my grandson Had to spend a long time in hospital, it enabled them to always be by his side, I know how important these rooms are to families ❤️
Irene McCormick
I have twin grandsons born 5th May 2016. One was born with congenial heart disease. At age of 4 weeks he was airlifted from the Royal hospital in Belfast to St Thomas’s in London. He had stent inserted and open heart surgery at 6mths old. He needs a valve replaced and will need to return to St Thomas’s..for this as no children’s surgery takes place in Belfast. To know Ronald Mcdonald House will be there when we need it takes a huge worry off our shoulders. Having a sick child and being so far away from home and so stressful. Thank you for all your help and support.
Ian Powell Of Powell Systems
I wish all the Families the best at this special time of year and hope that all is well. I also thank all the staff and volunteers for the grate work that they do in supporting the wonderful charity on what has been a very difficult year
Mr and Mrs Jesson
Best wishes to all children, their families and all Ronald McDonald House supporters. x
The Koulloupas Family
Thanks for everything you do x
Pamela Smith
Keep up your fantastic work, that has so helped my grand daughters young family in a difficult time. Thank you.
Frank Corcoran
We are forever indebted to Ronald Mcdonald house at Alder Hey for the time my Grandson was there where they housed my daughter and her husband.
When your child is seriously ill, and your world is falling apart, Ronald McDonald House is there for you. It cannot be put into words how enormously supportive it is to have a home provided at the hospital, close enough to walk to the ward at any time of day or night. It is the most brilliant charity which, ideally, one would never ever need ….
Antonia Clarkson
Can’t thank RMCH for what they did for my brother who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2018. They provided a bedroom for my mum so she could be with him 24/7. 2yrs on and he’s had a stem cell transplant and is fully in remission. Thank you for the amazing work you do, we’ll be eternally grateful xox
Caroline Shield
Thank you for looking after the Fox family at Arrowepark in Summer 2017 – your support meant so much our family
The Hacking Family
We can’t ever thank you enough for having us when both of our children were in hospital. Thank you for everything you do x
Sandra George
Your doing a great job
Always keep smiling 😃
Adnan Rahme
Happy Christmas from Rahme Family. My family has stayed in the house while I had my heart surgeries. Thank you for leaving my family close to me. Adnan
THANK YOU for supporting our family during such a traumatic time.
Francesca Mosca
Wishing all the children and families at Ronald McDonald House a peaceful Christmas
Kathleen & Chris
Thank you for helping us out at our time of need when our little boy Jack was in intensive care. Ronald McDonald you were amazing. X
Jamie Cartwright
Our time at the hospital with our daughter was made alot comfortable with the Ronald McDonald House and unbelievable friendly welcoming staff.. always in our thoughts xxx
Claire & Steve B
A charity close to our hearts x
We know first hand how valuable this stay can be xx
I hope everyone’s wish come true.
Wish everyone a happy Christmas. May God bless you all with all the happiness.
Gay Thraves
My grandson spent the first 4 months of his life in Southampton Hospital and my daughter and her partner where able to stay in the RMD house it is there first baby and the help and support the staff gave them was priceless. Thank you
Tabbi Harrison
My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour 5yrs ago…with the help Of the Ronald McDonald house in Oxford it meant that I could be literally by her side 24/7. I will never forget the peace of mind it gave me and my daughter. Thank you so so much. ❤️❤️❤️
Janet Wright
Merry Christmas to all families, staff and volunteers at Ronald McDonald Houses. With my love, hugs and best wishes to you all. Xxx
Roberta Coward
The Ronald McDonald House is so important to families who need accommodation while their child is in hospital. It gives them some rest bite and piece of mind knowing they are not far away if needed. Thank you to everyone that helps to run the Ronald McDonald house. It means so much to families that need to use it.
Ronald McDonald supported us when our baby was in hospital for 6 weeks, and now we will support you.
Lorraine jenny & Chloe
Hope this helps a little in your time of need
Marion Yau and Win Siu
We had the greatest support when my premature twins were born. Thank you for everything
Mrs S Foley
I would like to thank RMCH for all their support for my daughter and son-in-law when baby Jack was born 15 weeks early in May 2017. As a family we will always be truly grateful.
With thanks for your support to Samantha and her family when most needed.
The webbs
We will always be eternally grateful for the generosity shown to us whilst our son teddy was in hospital in Southampton. Just being able to stay with him and be able to support each other was invaluable. Mcdonald charity do really amazing things and like I said previously we will always be eternally grateful
We stayed at Camberwell in 2013 when our new born son Lucas was fighting for his life in Kings, he will be 8 in January, we thought he wouldn’t reach a month old, but we prayed hard and here he is, so please stay strong. The staff were so supportive and friendly and we cant thank them enough fir all of their help during our traumatic time, they are a team if Angels x
Beryl Ashman
For saving the life of my grandson, Jack Simpson. The staff worked absolutely fabulous to help save him. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
With love to all the very brave families staying in the Oxford House this Christmas from Play2Give x
The Borhara Family
Merry Christmas to you all!
Jayne Willetts
Delighted to help this wonderful charity with a donation
Lee Williams
Merry Christmas all!
Bernie Hamilton
It’s our pleasure to support this cause, which makes such a difference to families in difficult times. When our daughter was in ICU back in 2018, we were taken in by Ronald McDonald house. We will never forget how it freed us up to spend more time with our daughter in her time of need, and for us as parents to be able to better support each other in what was a frightening situation. We were grateful for everything the charity gave us, from the welcome of friendly staff, to the food being provided, through to the comfortable rooms. We didn’t properly understand what a difference it made until we found ourselves in the situation that every parent hopes they won’t. To all those facing such a situation today, know that there are others you’ll never meet who are thinking of you, and wishing you the best. Bernie and Magda Hamilton
Sheila Moore Music Makers and Shakers LTD
A huge thank you to all of our families for joining our Halloween at home party in aid of McDonald House. McDonald house have supported a few of our families and we wanted to support the charity in these times.
Kim Collins
Thank you for the support you gave my daughter and her husband when their son was born very ill and needing operation. Our Wonderful Sebastian Bowie Stott
Lizbeth and Martyn
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do in supporting families during very stressful times
Annette Francis
The House and staff have been heaven sent for my daughter and son-in-law. The support they have given her over the last 10 weeks has been truly amazing and we are all very very grateful you were there for them. Thank you all.
Sending love and hugs this Christmas
Corey C
You helped us to get through a very difficult time in our lives by keeping us together as a family in Oxford. You gave us a space to feel like things were normal altogether without wires, beds, nurses and doctors all around us. You eased our stress and worry of travelling and being miles apart during Christmas and New year. My son was overwhelmed with the kindness and gifts from people he’d never met, and we’ll never forget the smiles it brought him at such a rubbish time. You were our home away from Home on more than one occasion and we are forever thankful, spread the christmas cheer this year too ❤️
Thankyou all so much for everything you do, sometimes it the little things that can mean the most ❤
Jenny Wright
Hoping every day brings hope and a little joy x
Nola Evans
Sending all our love to all of those staying at Ronald McDonald House this Christmas x
Stephen Davies
Thank you for the difference that you make to families like my own, who have had a child in hospital. Thank you for helping to keep families together. Wishing your staff, volunteers and The many families staying with you a happy Christmas.
Sam Maher
Wishing everyone a safe and secure Christmas xxxx
Dave Clark
Very pleased to support such a great cause.
The Williams Family
We will never forget the help we received from RMHC Bristol whilst our four month old daughter underwent open heart surgery.
Gareth and Marjorie Luke
With thanks for your care for the family of Edith Luke at the Oxford Home.
St James Exchange Hub
During these uncertain times we at St James Exchange Hub are happy to help where we can and hope our donation will help you achieve your goals as well as put big smiles on faces. Good Luck
Best wishes and good luck with raising above and beyond your Christmas goal!
Wishing the families and teams at the RMHC houses the very best this winter. Thoughts and prayers with you all x.