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Happy Christmas

Roise Anna Arman-Hughes
Hello Ronald McDonald House, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Ronald McDonald House Birmingham who helped my mum and me, when I was 2-month-old and up until now, I was extremely sick in early 2021 with several visits throughout the year. And we did not have to travel the same day and we could rest up the night before.
Family of Finlay Macdonald Cowan
The support and kindness shown by the staff of the Ronald McDonald House Edinburgh made a very difficult time more manageable for us and our child. We felt so lucky to be able to fully concentrate on loving and supporting our child through his illness and recovery in a comfortable space only a stone’s throw from the ward. Thank you for the huge difference you make to families supporting their sick children.
Sue Bradshaw
Thank you for providing accommodation for our son and daughter in law at John Radcliffe and Southampton during extended stays for baby Rupert. It helped them so much.
Wonderful work done by all
Suzanne and Matt
Happy Birthday Julie!
Thank you, for all you do x
Juliana Wood
In memory of darling Artemis Alice Wood. The bravest of little girls. Xx
Leah Goodwin
Our donation is in memory of my Nan who sadly passed away in November. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house for two weeks when our son became unexpectedly unwell at 10months old. He is now a healthy happy 4 year old and my Nan loved to spend time with him in our garden. Ronald McDonald house kept us close at a really bad time and made that possible.
Sarah Bainbridge
Thank you so much for looking after my sister and brother in law while they sit by their son’s incubator. Your house has given them the time they need!
Laura B
Thank you for your support this year when we needed it the most x
Leslie Jacobs’s
Thank you so much for supporting my granddaughter and son during a very difficult time when my great granddaughter needed emergency heart surgery a few days after birth in London. The kindness and support was invaluable to them.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you do. You are all brilliant xx
Magid Awadalla
Merry Christmas to all the Ronald McDonald family. Thank you for all the great work you do. You really make a huge different in people’s lives. We really appreciated having your support during a very tough time.
Karen & Mo
Thank you for helping our daughter when she needed it.
Hannah Lamont
Thanks to Ronald McDonald my friend and her partner were able to stay in hospital with their unwell 18 month old little boy Ruairidh with her 4 day old newborn baby. It meant so much for them to be able to stay together through such a worrying time.
Talia Warnock-Meehan
Rmhc made all the difference to my family when I was in hospital sick it meant that mummy and daddy could stay close to the hospital without the added stress of money. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Merry Christmas to all the family’s and staff.
Rachel Siddall
Merry Christmas to you all at McDonald’s House. Thank you for all you do for families in need.
Tony Town
Merry Christmas
Mummy, Daddy & Elodie Wall
We stayed at Arrowe Park RMHC when Elodie was born Oct 2019. Could not have imagined our journey without you guys. Keep up the excellent work! xxx
Adam Morgans
Sending an enormous thank you to the wonderful staff at Ronald McDonald House in Arrowe Park Hospital
Katie Cyrus
Thank you for supporting me and my family in 2014 while my son was admitted in Evalina hospital. I will forever be grateful. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Merry Christmas to all
John Gregory
Thanks for helping Frank & Molly when baby Cherry 🍒 was born. I will always be very grateful for the support of RMHC at such a difficult time. I tell my work colleagues of your fabulous charity and they have generously given money for me to pass on.
Lots of Love to you and hoping your little ones are home soon xx
Be all that you can
Kathryn Nielsen
Sending across the money I raised for the Christmas bedside appeal with the help of generous friends and family.
Jacqueline Dowsett
In memory of our beautiful son Jack and with thanks to RMHC we stayed in your Camberwell House for 16 weeks while he was in Kings College Hospital. Hoping this donation helps others stay close to their little ones.
Liga Leja
Merry Christmas, happy staying in Ronald McDonald House.
Nicola Edwards
For all you do year in and year out we thank you so very much. You are making such a difference to the lives of all of the families you help!!
Cheryl Garniss
Merry Christmas from Clearbrook House
In loving memory of my beautiful nephew David Acott x
Liza watson
Spreading a little Christmas cheer x
Wishing u a very special Christmas
Rosina Miles
May God bless you all with Health, Love & Happiness xx
Mark Hignett
On behalf of the English Schools’ Football Association, I am delighted to be making this donation on behalf of my council colleagues who have given so generously to my chosen Chairman’s Charity for season 2021/22
Yawo D’almeida
I Want My Donation To Support Families With Children In Hospital. Merry Christmas!
Sharon fear
Wishing everyone lots of love and best wishes x
Benjamin R
Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas ☃️🌲
A little bit back for friends they’ve helped
Linda Dean
My family and I hope that everyone has a lovely Christmas and that you can all be together at this special time of year. Much love to you all. The Dean Family in South Croydon xxx
Rebecca Fawns-Millar
Such an amazing cause. We know how much this means having had a sick premature baby and know how important it is to be close to your child.
Lilac Rogerson age 10
Merry Christmas, god bless you and never give up hope!
Emma Taylor
A little something from our house to yours, this Christmas. To help the great work of RMH all year round.
Ian Duckitt
McDonalds marvellous team at Calcot inspired me to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charity through their kindness and great service over the last couple of difficult years.
Christine Mabbett
Hope this helps.
Hoping to help someone to have a better time this Christmas x x
Jo Sibley
I hope my small donation can make a big difference to all the families spending time at the hospital. Much love to you all. Stay strong xx
I think your amazing x
Thinking of all the Ronald McDonald House families this Christmas. It’s an incredible charity that we too have benefitted from gratefully. With best wishes and prayers to all your children and Merry Christmas.
Happy. Christmas to you all.
Paul Williamson
It’s been 6 years since we stayed at the Manchester house but we are still very grateful. Thank you for all you continue to do.
The Brooks Family
We will be thinking of you all this Christmas! Wishing you love and best wishes for the holidays.
Ed Mathieson
This donation is for my sister as her Christmas present. She and her family benefitted from the use of one of the houses. It made such a difference to her and she wishes to help others be able to have the same invaluable help.
Anna Howson
In memory of my beautiful first born Ethan. Missing you, especially on this sad day xxxxx
Thank you for you help to my family when my grandson was in the neonatal unit, 2019!
Orphir Community School
In memory of Aria and other babies gone too soon. X
Sanaa Rahme
We were very grateful to stay in Ronald McDonald House Southampton Hospital while my son Adnan had his heart’s surgery. Staying there made our life much easier and less stress to focus only on our son. We want to help other family too. Thank you and Happy Christmas.
Barry Haylett & the North Gate Team
We admire the work that Ronald McDonald do each year helping families that need support at the most difficult of times. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all. X
Wishing all your families a happy and peaceful Christmas .with all our good wishes for the New Year
Paul Owen
Thanks for looking after us in 2016
Lyle family
Happy Christmas to everyone working or staying at Ronald McDonald house this Christmas.
Sowmya Jai
Keep up the great work
Andrea Marsh
Five years ago my Great Niece Grace Carver-Goulding passed away in St George’s Hospital, Tooting. She was 1 month old. In that short time on earth she was surrounded by wonderful staff and her parents. They were lucky enough to stay in Ronald Mc Donald House in the grounds. Your support and kindness was fantastic and I will continue to support Ronald McDonald House in my Great Nieces name and memory. Many thanks. Andrea xx
Tess and Lewis
Merry Christmas to Grace and Loz!
Danielle Taylor
Every Christmas we donate to a charity instead of buying Christmas cards, this year we had to choose Ronald Mcdonald House in honour of Ellie-Morgan Sasha Abbey. She would have been 18 this December. One of the most beautiful souls to have existed in our community, but especially for her family. We are keeping every single family going through their own battle in our thoughts, always. All our love, The Taylor Family xxx
Sarah Reid
Thank you for all the work you do. You provided accommodation for my sister when her baby was critically ill in hospital over 100 miles from home. We will forever be grateful for looking after our family when we needed it. Sending love and best wishes to everyone staying in your houses this Christmas.
Thanks for helping my sister and brother in law when my youngest nephew needed heart surgery after his birth. I will always be grateful for your help. He’s 7 now and fit as a fiddle.
Emily & Tommy
Always thankful for my stay in 2020 when I welcomed my beautiful Son Tommy into the world 11 weeks early and very poorly. During lockdown you made me feel safe and became a family. I’ve met so many amazing families here, now life long friends! Tommy is now at home and thriving with his Mummy and the support of the house at the very start of our long 15 month hospital-stay enabled me to stay positive for my little one and keep that optimism for Tommy’s health. Thank you so much for everything! Merry Christmas from Emily & Tommy T ❤️
Chris & Claire Warren
From personal experience, we know that RMHC is an amazing charity. Keep up the brilliant work!
Stephen & Elaine Barrett
In loving memory of our precious son Sean Barrett. Love you always mum & dad xx
Lisa Salmon
A massive thank you to everyone at RMHC Manchester for the support they have given my family this year. Wishing everyone at RMHCUK and very Happy Christmas! Xx
St Anthony’s RC Primary School Year 3
The children in the class decided to wear their own clothes for their Christmas party instead of their school uniform. The amount donated (£30.20)was raised on the day and they decided that the Ronald Mcdonald’s houses for sick children were appropriate at this time of year since parents would find it difficult to stay in a hotel near the hospital. We would appreciate a letter of receipt for this donation.
Thank you for helping and supporting families at tough times, particularly my friends who you are currently helping
Joseph loughman
Baby Lola is making an amazing recovery thanks to this charity
Jemma Smith
Thank you for the love, care and shelter you provide for families like mine. We have stayed in RMHB 8 times during our sons cancer treatment and would have been lost without you. Money raised from Jemma family and friends xxx
Keep up the great work!
Paul and Claire
Our family will never forget RMDH and the amazing team at Arrowe Park Hospital back in 2019 when we had to stay for a few weeks.
Carmel O’Hara
Many Thanks to this wonderful organisation, who supported my nephew and his partner after the premature birth of their daughter Riley Florence O’Hara. Riley was born at 26 week, her parents stayed in the Ronald McDonald House at Kings in London, this allowed them to be constantly at her bedside in the following months. She is now a thriving 3 year old and we as a family say thank you and hope that we can help support another family in their time of need.
Helen Walker
In memory of my beautiful Grandson Wilfred Matthew’s who brought us such joy in his short life
The Arnold Family
Thinking of all the families being supported by the RMHC this Christmas. All our love to the house teams, especially the Brighton house where we stayed in 2018 for 6 months! Merry Christmas ❤️
Laura Elwick
For everything You’ve done supporting our friends in their time of need… and for what you do continuously supporting families of poorly children! Thank you
Simon Barbour
Merry Christmas! I hope 2022 brings you joy and happiness.
Jemma Rudd
I really do hope this donation will help someone be close together at this time of year. I know my time in the Ronald Mcdonald House did make a difference to us a family being able to be so close to our very unwell little boy. Merry Christmas and lots of love xxxx
Rebecca Waters
Wishing you all a merry christmas from the Waters family xx
Katie and Patrick
Thank you for supporting our whole family during December 2018 and our youngest son was very ill in Evelina Hospital. The staff and volunteers truly supported us through a difficult time!
Lauren Stanley
Instead of Christmas cards I donate to a charity, this year it’s the Ronald McDonald House I was part of a family that has used this accommodation when my twin brother underwent open heart surgery. It was nice to be so close to him when he needed us. A home from home. Thank you.
Andrew Henman
RMHC is a truly inspiring charity supporting the families of very sick children when they are at their lowest point. Really brilliant work
Keep up the great work and Happy Christmas
Drew and Elspeth Smith
Wishing for safe and happy outcomes for you and your families, this Christmas.
Simon Duffy
Wishing the entire team at RMHC the most wonderful and relaxing Christmas. The dedication you have shown both the charity and the families you support has been incredible. Thank you!….you are all superstars!!
Janet Green
Great to support families when they most need it.
Jane Fisher
This is just a thank you for the invaluable support you have given my niece, Natalie’s, family, whilst Morgan was being treated for cancer. You do a remarkable job.
Joanne Pollard
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. The work put into each house, bedroom, kitchen, charity event and garden is done with so much love. You should all be very proud. All the best for 2022
George & Wylva Crothers
Happy Christmas to you all. Thanks for all you do and provide for families when they need to be at hospital with their child. We are grateful as our niece Connie is in hospital and there is a place to stay when it is needed most we really appreciate this Best Wishes George & Wylva Crothers
Rachel Emmett
We will forever be so grateful for the ability for us to stay at your Evelina London House for so many months. We don’t know what we would have done without you. Thank you xx
Jenny Cobb
You helped my daughter and son in law when my grandson was very ill in southampton. Thankyou
Phil – 1AffordableCall
Hope this helps in these difficult times! A Special thanks to Caroline Sinclair and Eva Rickett for all their fund raising work.
Anna Busson
For KH
Faye Mitchell
Ronald McDonald House Charities is very close to our Hearts after needing their help while our son was being looked after in NICU. We are so very pleased to contribute in a small way to the amazing accommodation which continues to help families in their most difficult time of need.
Susan & Ian
Merry Christmas and lots of love to everyone spending the festive period at any of the rmhc houses. We will be eternally grateful for their support of my daughter and son in law when our amazingly grandson Seb was born in June 2018, the accommodation they provided for 4 months was a godsend xxx
Anisha and Amy
As part of our staff Secret Santa, we made a contribution on behalf of someone else to our chosen charity and we have chosen you to support. Our thoughts are with those families and children in need of care this Christmas. With best wishes
Mandy Perl
Wishing you well and all the joy of Christmas.
Alice Comben
My Husband and I stayed at RM Camberwell and also Evelina in August/September 2017 when our daughter was very unwell. Their services were invaluable and we were able to stay so close to her which we really appreciated. She was only 1 when she suffered a stroke and brain aneurysm so understandably we did not want to be far away at all. We live in Maidstone and the journey to and fro was just so long. Bethany is now 5 and suffers from left sided hemiplegia but she is the happiest and strongest little girl. She became the best big sister this year too and next week her School are participating in the RM PJ day for her which is so amazing! We are still due to attend RM Camberwell to put her bird on the wall however due to Covid this has been tricky. We try to fundraise when we can. Thank you and Merry Christmas 🙂 xx
Sally Ells
Thinking of you all this Christmas. Sending love. The Ells Family xxxxx
Ann Pittaway
Thank you for the help you gave my son and daughter in law when their son Henry was so ill last Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all of the families spending their Christmas in hospital. Wishing you and your families all the best. Zoe
Barbara & Colin
Thank you for your care of our family 2 years ago Charlotte was so small and so poorly but she was 2 yesterday and a great character
Catherine Roberts
I donate every year as a thank you and sign of my huge appreciation. When my daughter was ill Ronald McDonald house in Cardiff were amazing.
Enjoyed the Lambeth Palace concert last night. Emma Johnson playing is always such fun. Very inpirational story from man who is walking Lake Baiku – is he getting sponsorship?
Donation to support one of ING Bank’s charity partners. Thank you for all the work you do!
Iona Gittens
For Toby Harriett and Theodore. xxx
David Wynne
Wishing all a speedy recovery and a very merry Christmas. Thank you also to all the house teams for the wonderful work that you do.
Zoe Davis
In memory of Izzy, xx
Peter Latham Julie Latham
Thankyou for the care given to our Grandson Aaron Latham Quilliam.
Patricia Douglas
Without RM support my granddaughter Willow Carson born 8/2/19 would not have had her mummy and daddy beside her following her birth at 30 weeks. Amazing support for parents in times of great need.
Shannon and Jack
We would like to say a massive thank you for helping us as a family while our little boy was in hospital, by giving us a place to stay at a really awful time. we don’t know what we would of done without the Ronald McDonald house!
We have taken donations in memory of my dad, Stephen Nock. RMHC were fantastic when his granddaughter, Jessica, was in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Keep up the great work!
John Gregory
This gift has been made possible due to my wonderful work colleagues supporting Johnny’s tuck shop. Thanks 🙏🏻
Armac Demolition Limited
Merry Christmas to all especially our neighbours at the Birmingham House. From The Armac Team
Elizabeth Jones
Thank you for the incredible and vital work you do!
Wishing you love and happiness
Lots of love and big hugs to you and your family at Christmas time and always xxx
Ellie & Judith Hendry
We are so happy to be helping families who need your support. We appreciate all that you do.
Sarah parkes
Keep up the great work supporting families when they need you. Please direct my donation to RMHC Manchester
Alan & Jan Whittart
Thank you for the support given to our Granddaughter Chloe and Partner Kane during their stay following the birth of our Great Granddaughter Harper. Keep up the great work. Merry Christmas
Diane Marsh
In honour of all those that supported Harper’s family
Kami Lenz
Whole my heart is with you ❤ Merry Christmas
Kami Lenz
All my heart is with you ❤
Susan Llewellyn
Thank you for your help when we needed it. Merry Xmas to you all.
Iam Dagger
RMH carsiff have enabled us as a family to stay together whilst our son Louis has been in hospital since birth in March. They are amazing there and make you feel so welcome. Thankyou for everything so far.
Alex Snelling
Thank you for your work supporting those for whom a family Christmas may be difficult this year and well done to our IP team at McDonald’s Shoreditch for their fundraising initiative.
Edmonds Family
Special place in our heart – keep up the great work! Xxx
emily and Stanley
thank you for helping keep us together in May and June this year xxx
Shirley Clark
Having used RM house when our grandson Charlie was seriously ill, we know how important it is for families to have this kind of additional support close to Evelina.
Ian & Lesley Goldie
Thank you for supporting Ritchie’s Mum & Dad.
Debbie Harvey
Have a beautiful Christmas xx All my love and thoughts are with you all xx Thankyou Ronald mc Donald housing for housing my son and family xxx
Adam Goodacre
A special place that’s there when you need it most. No fuss, just caring people who know what you need and how you’re feeling. Truly makes the world of difference. Merry Christmas x
Jen Fisher
Ronald McDonald helped our family when we needed it. Hope this helps someone be near there family
David Dempsey
Lets hope this small donation helps
M and V Gelb
We truly appreciate the work done by McDonalds Houses. We hope that other families will benefit in the same way that ours did. To provide a roof, warmth and comfort for distressed parents of an ill child is a wonderful gift.
Happy Christmas everyone may you Christmas be special sending everyone at Ronald McDonald houses much love and gratitude for all you do for families and Christmas and all year your round, I stayed in a room myself and know how incredibly important they are. Xxx
Elih Missing you always my darling nephew. I hope this donation will help other families to be close at Xmas just like we were able to spend Xmas with you. Forever grateful of the room they gave your mummy and daddy to be close to you.
Sue Wiles
You were an amazing help to my daughter and her husband. We will forever be grateful to you, that they could stay close by to their beautiful daughter Evelyn in a very needy time A huge thank you Xxx
Kristin Martin
Thank you for all you do!! You have meant so much to our whole family through the years! My niece had her first surgery at the age of two months. Because of Ronald McDonald house, my sister and brother-in-law didn’t have to make the impossible decision between being with their other daughter (who was not even 2 years old) and their daughter in surgery. Keeping families together during the most difficult of times. That is what RMH does and it is simply priceless! Much love <3
Mrs Robina Maskell
Even though you are in hospital I hope you can still have a fun christmas
John Manning
We cannot thank you enough for the incredible support you have shown us whilst our little daughter was in hospital. We’ll be forever grateful. John, Holly & Phoebe x
Debbie & Andrew
Ronald McDonald house is very special to us, when our little boy had to have cranio surgery it was a very scary and stressful time. Having a quiet space and room to rest so close to our little boy meant we could also take care of ourselves so we could be stronger for our little boy and be there with him 24/7. Thank you so much Ronald McDonald House
Mukendi Matumba
I am thankful for Ronald McDonald’s charity. Merry Xmass to you all and hope the children at the hospitals get better soon. ❤️
For our Leo and other babies who need their families close by all year round x x
Janette Galloway
With this small donation I hope this will help to ease the worry and make a family feel loved and cared for. X
Thinking of all the families this Christmas, sending the love, light & strength your way.
Pamela Barrett
Christmas can be difficult with your little one in hospital, I hope this donations keep you close to them at this special time of year. Merry Christmas from Pam Staff Nurse Ward 68
Penny Hathaway
Always grateful to RMHC, really helping us through a tough 6 weeks at Birmingham Children’s Hospital with our son 5 years ago.
Donna-Marie Lord
2 years ago today my youngest granddaughter came home from spending 7 weeks in NICU at St Mary’s in Manchester. My daughter and her partner stayed in the Ronald McDonald house for 7 weeks as Rhea had major surgery. We will always remember this amazing charity that helped our family in a time of need . My eldest granddaughter stayed with her mummy and daddy at the weekends and the joy the house gave her , play rooms , parties and playground. Without Ronald McDonald, this all would have been impossible. Thank you so very much xx
Alison Dobbs
Thank you for helping families stay together at such difficult times. I wish there was an RMHC house at every hospital!
David miller
I think it’s a great think you do at the house keep up the great work
Tina Cronin
Such a great charity and all the hard work that they do to support families in need is amazing.
Raj Jagpal
Always happy to help such a good cause.
Thank you for the fantastic work you do in providing support, care and love!
You looked after my friend during a difficult time with his new born baby Sadly she passed away but your support and help will always be appreciated
Lynn Gaunt
In loving memory of Isabelle.
12 years passed since my little girl spent more than one month at hospital. This wonderful charity supported my wife and I gone through the most difficult time of our lives. We have been supporting this great charity every since. Well done all of you and hope you all have a great year end season!
I remember the kindness, support and unconditional help rmhc provided 10 ago. Christmas has never been the same but for positive reasons. My youngest son is alive thanks to the amazing staff of Kings College London. It’s almost inadequate to use the words Thank you, but they are from the heart of a so grateful Mother.❤️
Moira Stanton
You were there when we needed you so hope we can be there when you need us.
You were a massive support to me and my family when my little girl had heart surgery back in 2017 christmas. God bless you all and merry christmas.
We’re forever grateful for RMHC being there when we needed them. Happy Christmas to all of the wonderful staff and to all of the families you support – we hope that all of your Christmas wishes come true.
Y6 teacher
Remembering a very brave former pupil Tom Billington and to Ronald McDonald House who were an incredible support to his parents.
Caroline Shield
Thank you for all you do. We do not forget what you did for our family. Love the Shield and Fox family
Lai Ling
Emma, wishing you and your family health and happiness for this Christmas. Love , Lai Ling
Paul E
Happy Christmas to all the families in all the houses – hope you have the best time possible.
Dean O’Connell
A donation of support to a family who will need it this Christmas time in their hour of need.
Sharon wyatt
Thankyou for caring for my cousin Jason and his partner Emma jane. Whilst little Vinnie Jean was in hospital. Such a necessary charity. Which I didn’t know existed until last December. Will always be donating.
Thank you for all you do!
Danielle Collins
Best wishes to all
Adam Stockwell
Wishing you all the best this Christmas!
Such a great charity to support!
A Massive THANK YOU to all the supporters who make it possible for Ronald McDonald House Charities UK to support families and keep them close to their ill child in hospital!
Season’s Greetings to all the families who need the support of Ronald McDonald House Charities UK!
Damian Leonard
Thank you all for your support MDL